Why all the Orford Hype on Sunday??


There must have been a reason, why did every media network have him signed and sealed an eagle ?

i hope we have not had a shocker and leaked something that wasnt meant to get out.

Chip and Chase

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I hope he didn't watch the game yesterday and decide he doesn't want to play behind a forward pack that gets smashed and starts every defensive set on the back foot. Or maybe he is worried that the Monas at 5/8 theory has legs, imagine looking outside you and seeing someone who can't put a runner into a hole the size of Sydney Heads for trying.

Look at the positives Matty. You could have quality hard running backrowers like Kennedy, Menzies and Choc running at holes off you. It would be a return to the Cliffy & Beaver days of old x 3. Also you could develop a nice combination with Stewart, similar to that which you have going with Slater at the moment. He can sheepdog your chips just as well as Billy. And don't worry, Monas will be in the number 9, where he will be fine. His passing from dummy half will be OK as long as he doesn't take those one or two steps too many that he always seems to. Also he can offer some good kicking from dummy half to take the pressure off you, just like Cameron Smith. We promise we will fix the go forward if you just say you will sign, whattya say Matty, will ya help us out. I'll personally get King to retire the handbag and stop reading the "future representative star / unlucky with injury" reports and get him to put in (or you could just pretend the programme says M King and not J King than his hit up stats won't look to bad for a winger). Think about Belly mate, he will be lonely without you. Finally, Maroon sort of looks like purple if you squint your eyes. See it's not that big a change, you could just pretend you are still at Melbourne, just a bit closer to home for you. Don't make me beg.....


yes we have reached the borrow and steal stage, lets kidnap him!

I cant watch if "EEEE AWWEE" Monaghs is in the halves next year!
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