Who's going up ... who's coming down.


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Okay, again I read that Bulldogs, Tigers, Titans and Manly are all eyeing off final 8 appearances next year .... ambitious from some, delusion from others ...

But for every new side to make the finals ... one of last years finalists has to crash out ...

I reckon at least 2 of those sides mentioned above will make it ... Manly and Titans ...

And the two teams to crash and burn .... Sharks and the happy clappers ....


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Raiders snatched a spot on the back of Manly imploding and a purple patch of form from Tapine. Don't know if they're gaining or losing talent for next year but they still have Ricky Stuart so are a chance to miss the 8.
I always give Storm a chance to flounder. Has to happen one day just on law of averages.


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I reckon the book writes itself on who makes it and who drops out.
Once a few teams improve, I feel the wheels seem to fall off a few of the fancies teams who fall away due to lack of hunger, confidence and injury.
Manly are a show to test the 8 with a clean bill of health and new fresh approach and I feel confident will improve on 2022 significantly.
There should be 1 - 2 rookies step up and the new signings should also have 1 - 2 testing for a Top 17 spot and with Tom basically a new signing.....anything is possible.
Just need the right mix in the right positions and more line speed allround to suddenly match the better sides.


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Dare I ask who the happy clappers are?

Don't see the Dogs making the 8

Pete W

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Cowboys may find it difficult to replicate 2022 success. Eels may also struggle to maintain with loss of personnel. Raiders most likely to miss the 8 altogether

I think Sharks will be extra motivated and don't see them slipping. Dogs will surely make the 8, then there's Manly, and we could literally make top 6 or bottom 6.

If it weren't for Bennett, I would have said Dolphins for spoon but I'm going with Newcastle

Mark from Brisbane

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Theirs a few rumblings at Parra, Mosses is hanging out for an upgrade already, to his 1m a season offer. But, Parra's built like a house of cards, one goes out of place and it easily collapses.
Yeah they are very much like that.

And as others have said they easily go from top 4 to bottom 4 seemingly overnight.

But you have to agree , us Manly fans just love it when they implode.
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The teams that are rebuilding and getting major players back from injury are looking up
and the teams that are losing players are on the slide

BUT .....
There will also be underachievers and over achievers

One thing for sure
Nothing is guaranteed and all things are possible
And life is full of surprises :)

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