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Who Will Pay Choc in 2015

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by simon_eagle, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. simon_eagle

    simon_eagle Well-Known Member

    +390 /9
    By asking for an early release and then signing with Parra, surely that means the Scum will be paying his salary from now on?

    Please tell me we won't still have to pay-out his reported 970k back-ended contract? Or even a portion of it, given he is no longer employed at the club.

    That would be the ultimate insult and a slap in the face to this club.

    I remember reading on here that we were still paying for T.Rex even though he was playing at the Dogs. This is a similar scenario, no? I.e. early release, back-ended contract...
  2. Mavin

    Mavin Well-Known Member

    +929 /43
    We will be paying what we owe him,not what he would have received for playing next season for us. What we owe him is for work he has already done. So we have to suck it up better to give him that and get rid of him than if he stayed we would have been up for a lot more. I believe it is 300K we have to pay him and will be included in the cap.
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    • EagleFromMay1967

      EagleFromMay1967 Sky Punching : send them High as the Clouds

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      Despite the fact he is playing for the Eels, or whoever, Choc is still entitled to the postponed $300k payments. In a move to make a clean separation, I encourage the club to pay the outstanding $300k, or whatever it is, RIGHT NOW. That's it. Simpels. Now we know where we stand with that issue. You know it makes sense.
    • simon_eagle

      simon_eagle Well-Known Member

      +390 /9
      Thanks for the clarification Mavin and EFM1967 :)

      I agree. Pay him now for what he is owed and make a clean break.
    • robbiea

      robbiea Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +2,582 /79
      Screw him ,pay him out over 100 years.
    • Peter C

      Peter C Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +1,207 /26
      I imagine we were still paying T-Rex under the same arrangement as Watmough, even though he left,we still owed arrears him from a backended contract.
    • voicefromthehill

      voicefromthehill Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +1,608 /13
      The T-Rex debacle was different. The salary cap auditor decided he did not like the back ended structure of his contract so arbitrarily enforced a ruling that Manly had to contribute more funds after he had been released
    • The Who

      The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +7,261 /173
      I image there are several clubs paying others to take players off their hands. The 'Riff must have paid a fortune when their two superstars, Jennings and Lewis, were moved on. Now with Brisbane looking to rissole Barbara and Kennedy they must expect to have to pay a substantial portion of their salaries to the ill-informed club/s that sign them for 2015.
    • StuBoot

      StuBoot Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +1,065 /9
      Just like the Warriors will be paying some of Mateo's deal for the next two years......I hope.
    • Fluffy

      Fluffy Well-Known Member

      +5,634 /205
      I think they will be as well Stuboot

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