Who is this ?


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anyone know who this girl is and why she is on the MSE website when you click on it
it goes to manly leagues ..........??[br][img=187x141]../../AE_files/public/1165188613_60_FT0_manlyleaguesclub2.jpg[/img]


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Ever heard the song by the pixies called "Hey"

pretty much the same for me, could be someone I know might not be

"hey, been trying to meet ya, there must be a devil between us, or the whores in my head the whores in my bed"



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Turns out she is the Young Australian of the Year Some Muslim Girl , Was MSE hacked into i wonder ?? why would her pic link to Manly Leagues ???



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its the one that the muslims got up in arms about cause she was drinking champagne at the awarding of NSW Young Australian of the year.

Her response was along the lines of WTF its only a glass of champagne


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YOUNG Muslim leader Iktimal Hage-Ali - a handpicked adviser to the Prime Minister - was arrested but released without charge in a cocaine bust eight days before receiving the NSW Young Australian of the Year award.

The Daily Telegraph reports today Ms Hage-Ali, 22, was one of four people arrested by detectives from the Middle Eastern organised crime squad on November 22.

She was arrested at her Punchbowl home and taken to Bankstown police station, where she was questioned over a cocaine supply ring allegedly operating in Sydney's southwest.

After the interview she was released. No charges were laid and she and has insisted she has done nothing wrong.

Ms Hage-Ali began a blog on youth and multiculturalism on NEWS.com.au this week titled It's My Country Too. The column will be continuing.

Police seized what is believed to be prohibited drugs, cash and ammunition from several of the homes in the raids. Ms Hage-Ali's home was not searched.

She had been identified by police as a suspect, according to the Telegraph.

Ms Hage-Ali vehemently denied any involvement or links to alleged drug suppliers when approached by the Telegraph last week.


they don't just arrest people with no evidence....I'd be interested to see how this all pans out

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I hope Byso noted her contact as an advisor to John Howard? Does these mean John has no integrity - that's what you usually imply when the shoe fits the other foot.

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