Who is the most painful TV host

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There is a number of TV hosts out there that annoy the hell out of me but one really takes the cake that being Ray Martin- I just thought I would throw this topic open to see everyone else's opinion on the worst hosts.
My reason for disliking Ray Martin comes from his style and the mere fact that he works on such a ****ty show (ACA).
On the weekend I heard a story about the man that makes me think even less of this wanker- even before this story I thought his coverage of the Tsunami was heartless and as fake as fake could be.
A friend of mines brother who flys planes for the RAAF was transporting injured peoples parents to effected areas to be with their extremely sick or dying children within Indonesia - when told the plane was full up Ray demanded that one of the parents get off the plane so to make space for him QUOTE "You don't need to have both parents there do you ?".....WANKER !
Yep, Ray Martin would have to be up there for the mere fact that he's so transparently vaucous.

Bruce McAveney gets high points for his fawning dribble laced with references to his persoanl relationship with the stars.

The entire format and structure of Sunrise on Seven irks me no end. There's nothing worse to wake up to than innane chatter from cackling females and a dead head celebrity money man.
oh there are so many.

i cant believe no one mentioned Andy Gee, Mel from sunrise, and to a lesser extent the rest of the crew.
I'd probably put Mike Munro in the same basket as Ray- it's just Ray is that bit more obvious !
On the side of the entertainment hosts I'd have to say it baffles me how anyone can laugh at D Somers too- how the f**K did he get another gig with Dancing with the Stars-probably one of the more stupid of a bunch of stupid reality shows on offer.

So as not to sound completely negative I rate Bert Newton -funny guy.

In terms of US shows I don't know why we have to put up with Letterman and Leno-I used to think that it was because it was an American show that I didn't get it but after watching out takes of Johnny Carsens shows you can see that these two chumps don't even come close to funny !
Yeah Tim Baily and his bloody formula weather reports.

"Bailey's Barometer"
"Let's have a look at our bakyard" so bloody Sydney centric to refer to NSW that way.

Then the thousands of kids yelling some nonsense about an event that you can't decipher.
Rove isn't exactly my cuppa tea either but I suppose as a host he ****s on the others.
.... as a comedian he is so not funny to the point of being annoying. I remember a person ringing up JJJ recently and suggesting that someone should send a copy of Rove Live into his "What the ?" segment
oooohhh bailey.

How many times to I have to hear

Predicted precipitaion, drips and drops across the roof tops.

Just say rain dude
I remember him saying drips and drops across roof tops on the day that really vicious storm hit Cronulla and savaged the place a few years ago.

I thought, well he got that one wrong. There were no rooftops left
Ray Martin
Richard Carleton ( 60 Mins )
The entire Channel 10 News Team
Scary Anne Kennelly
Rebecca Wilson ( The Fat )
Kate ( The Panel )
Sterlo ( The Footy Show )
Tim Webster ( Sports Tonight )
Marcia , Mark & Dickhead ( Fat Idol )
Gretel Killeen ( Big Brother )
I agree with all of those Chuck- I forgot Richard Charlton.
Mata re. the JJJ morning host I also agree- they are musos not presenters !
The previous ones were great- Adam Spencer was one of the funniest/ quick witted people on radio and it was bloody hilarious when he took off Gordon Tallis and the Pope !
Adam and Wil were a great team and they were always going to be impossible to replace.

But they could have tried a little harder to fill their shoes.
I can't stand Mel in the morning either. Chris and Craig in the arvos aren't too bad but I think alot of their humour goes over the top of most of the listeners heads.
Obviously being a great fan of Chaser I quite enjoy the afternoons!!

I'm glad Caroline Tran has been bumped to weekends!
<!--QuoteBegin-ChuckWood+Jan 31 2005, 01:02 PM</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>[b:839cb7b665]QUOTE[/b:839cb7b665] (ChuckWood @ Jan 31 2005, 01:02 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin Ray Martin
Richard Carleton ( 60 Mins )
The entire Channel 10 News Team
Scary Anne Kennelly
Rebecca Wilson ( The Fat )
Kate ( The Panel )
Sterlo ( The Footy Show )
Tim Webster ( Sports Tonight )
Marcia , Mark & Dickhead ( Fat Idol )
Gretel Killeen ( Big Brother )

A man after my own heart. Couldn't agree more!

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