Who is responsible for Brookvale Oval

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Journey Man
Apparently Brookvale Oval was as hard as a macadamised highway on the weekend. Accordingly we see one of our highest priced assets, Brett Stewart, smashing his knee into the concrete like turf and facing an extended stint on the sidelines - something that may cost us wins and obviously, revenue.

This could have been avoided with some routine watering through the week leading up to the game, particularly in these days of 7 day forecasts and radar preciptation tracking methods.

Who is responsible for the state of the Oval on gameday? Manly or Council?

There is a lot of American research to show that the clubs with the most rigorous standards of surface preparation have the least injuries.

When you consider that Formula One has hugely rigorous standards for track surfaces these days, you'd think it a small matter to ensure that the polaying surface is appropriate to minimise the chance of injury to our Formula One NRL players?

I can put the appropriate person onto a precipitation forecasting system that vineyard owners base their cropping decisions (worth millions of dollars) on. Given the loss of Stewart for the season could cost a million dollars, would it not be worth leaving every stone unturned?

Or is this in the portfolio of our much vaunted, but poorly performed, "football manager?"


Premium Member
The ground is owned and controlled by Warringah Council.

Don't know why you think the ground is hard, it looks immaculate and having played touch football on it on the weekend before the NRL comp. started I can personally vouch for it being far from hard, in fact at that time I would have rated the oval as "dead" in racing terms.

Footballers suffer injuries, it is unfortunate fact. Glen Stewart suffered a groin injury in the warm up for the PL match on Satuday, who should we blame for his injury?


Journey Man
The track may well have been "dead" 6 weeks ago.

But on Saturday night the sideline commentators were saying it was very hard.


Reserve Grader
It's a shame that we may be without Stewart for a few weeks but his injury could have occurred at any NRL ground. If Brooky Oval is too hard , they now have a few weeks to get it in tip top condition. We don't play there again for another month.

Sunday 23 April vs Cheatin' Dogs @ Telstra Stadium
Sunday 30 April vs Parra @ SCG ( Manly home game )
Sunday 7 May vs Tigers @ Leichhardt Oval

I will be attending these 3 games but after what I witnessed at Telstra Stadium today ( Easter Monday ) , I am feeling a little uneasy about heading out to the Bulldogs game.

I went out to the Easter show with my nephews & niece . After a few hours of battling the crowds , I gave myself a break & walked over to Telstra Stadium for the Bulldogs/Homebush Hares fixture. Souths led at 1/2 time by 18-8 before the Bulldogs scored 3 unanswered tries in the 2nd half. After each try , Bulldogs fans would verbally abuse Souths fans ( including women & children ). As I was leaving the ground , I witnessed 2 Bulldogs fans being escorted from the ground by 2 police officers. As they were let go , these police officers were then bravely attacked by up to 6 other Bulldogs supporters. Within 30 seconds , more police & security had arrived to calm the situation.

What is it with these Bulldogs supporters ? Every match they are involved in there seems to be some sort of crowd trouble. I'm sure most of the fans are doing the right thing , it's just a shame the minority are giving them a bad name.

I'll travel out there with some mates next week ( not by train ) , but if I had kids , I certainly wouldn't be taking them to Telstra Stadium for a Bulldogs game.


First Grader
Mata, one of your best :)

Surely you aren't basing your assumption on some commentator trudging up and down his 10 metre strip of grass on the sideline.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
From Tuesday Manly Daily:
Leuluai is out for up to six weeks with a knee injury while Stewart is battling to recover from a hamstring tear ahead of Sunday's meeting with the Bulldogs.

A softer ground is sure to prevent hamstring tears ......... :cop: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:


I know what ya saying chuckwood...

Mate, i'm a brissie boy and last year i went downto sydney to watch a few games.. i saw us beat the broncs 21 - 20 and i also went and watched the bulldogs/ knights game at telstra stadium... the boys i was with and I have vowed to never go to a bulldogs game again..

They are lunatics


From Tuesday Manly Daily:
Leuluai is out for up to six weeks with a knee injury while Stewart is battling to recover from a hamstring tear ahead of Sunday's meeting with the Bulldogs.

A softer ground is sure to prevent hamstring tears ......... :cop: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:

So is there a chance stewy could play this week???

Leulai i can live with... cuz we have cuthbo

But stewart is a big loss for us.. i hope he doesn't miss too many games


First Grader
I heard Stewy did a hammy on another site...............Looks like theres plenty of BS going around.
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