Who is in charge?

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Journey Man
Can we, the supporters of the Manly club please be assured that a decision about the future playing career of John Hopoate will be made by the appropriate coaching and executive staff? (Des Hasler and Paul Cummings)

Can we please be assured that no pressure will be placed on the two people above by sponsors and/or majority shareholders in the club?

Can we please be assured that this decision will be made upon the lines of good business sense rather than sentimental fan-based polls and petitions?

If someone from the club can asuredly answer "yes" to all three questions, I think we will all be satisfied.

If not, can I ask if anyone is prepared to draw a line in the sand to ensure that this club is run professionally and without interferance?


First Grader
I just heard Max Delmege on 2UE say that the fans would love to see him play and he would expect an extra 20% to go to brookvale. He said he'd expect a 24,000 crowd.


Journey Man
A 24,000 crowd. So what? That's one weekend.

What about the damage done to the Manly brand that will live on gor many years if this fool has another brain snap.

It only took 1.5 games last time.


Premium Member
We are privatley owned club, the major shareholders have already shown that they will particpate in major decisions of this club.

Wether it is right or wrong will always be debatable, but whatever the opinions are here that is the privilge of being a majority shareholder.


Journey Man
I totally agree Mata. Could you imagine the CEO of St George Bank ringing Nathan Brown & telling him who is going to be in his side? Ludicrous.


Premium Member
I totally agree Mata. Could you imagine the CEO of St George Bank ringing Nathan Brown & telling him who is going to be in his side? Ludicrous.

Big difference between the 2. St George Bank are only sponsors, Delmege is the majority shareholder.


Journey Man
In that case, why don't all the members put in an extra $100- each to buy $200,000 worth of shares for the club back?

I'd be in it if it meant Des / Cummings can make the decisions.


Journey Man
Corso Pete is right in that we sold our soul and now have to wear the consequences.

However, and this is trawling old ground here, this is DIFFERENT to what we were told when the decision was made to sell the club in the first place.

Benefactor and silent equity partner I believe were the prevailing terms.

A silent equity partner allows the executive to get on and do the job, without interferance. They can demand reports and little else. They certainly shouldn't be intervening in the day to day running.

Maybe we should get ASIC on the phone?


Premium Member
Move on Matebele, we are privatley owned and will be until such time as the membership grows to a point we the members can reclaim ownership.

Until that happens we wil be just like any other corporation where the majority owners sit on the board of directors and will have influence over decisions that will be made. Sometimes that influence may not even need to be spoken, it may well be implied or even a nod of thehead.

Ownership and power go hand in hand. Max Delmege has both.

You may complain about what was told to the members last year, but I ask you, did the members have any other choice at that time?

There was a half baked proposal from Penn Sports that looked very dodgy, but other than the Delmege offer no other offers were on the table.

If we wanted to keep our team we had no choice but to go with the Delemege offer, and to be honest as it was our only viable option Delmege could have said that he was going to play his son on the wing and we still would have voted in the proposal.

With Delmege our glass is at least half full, whatever you may think of the way Delmege involves himself in footballing decisions I challenge you to question that, at least in Delmege's eyes, whatever he is doing is for the betterment of Manly and for Manly to succeed.

If you can show me that if Delemege has anything other than Manly success has his primary motive I will then tell you that my glass is half empty.

Chip and Chase

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The more pertinent question here is how the hell do you pronounce Delmege ??

Is it Delmaggy

Is it Delmelge

Is it Delmarge

Is it Delmeejay

Anyone ???

Or do we just call him Max.


Journey Man
Ryan if you choose you can increase your membership to maroon and white to give the club that extra money to buy back shares quickly. Like wheel has done.

So just go and do it.

Mata - the mambership?? i think your having flashbacks to africa
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