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Jul 16, 2004
When the pathetic little "official" man describes this loss as a bit of a dissapointment, and makes all the excuses in the world on the official site, I would like to emphasise that who really cares, as long as we see a victory this week.

Mediocrity is being tolerated. And I mean from Des to Randall. All have been found wanting. How dumb is it to jump on the bandwagon, and re-sign Des after a few mediocre wins. Look at where we are heading now.

The NEW CEO said he has NO contingency plans if we miss out on Orford. That alon should cost him his job, unless he has MAJOR sponsorship deals coming through. NOT sponsors that demand re-signing of a player that is not Premier League standard.

We need change. It's obvious. Pat Wilson is a passenger - like his team.

Poor old Ashley Alberts, has lost 5-6 games while he has been in the team, and frankly, he has been the best.

So, dear authors on MSE, who the hell cares what excuses you deem is fitting for this lack luster team, get some positive changes going through the team...and WIN for once you losers!!

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