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Who was the Manly Junior who played in the 1970 winning President Cup side and then played played a key role in 1972 by replacing gun new Centre Ray Branighan when he was injured for three months during the early part of the season? He played a fair bit of first grade through his career but struggled to find a regular place ahead of Fulton, Branighan, Ken Irvine and Max Brown.
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Why do you guys do stuff thats way before my time? :cry:

But I did just notice you are from North Parra CW. Your a religious man too. Id hope you pray every night to move away from that place. :D
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Spot on Larry. Flip - I do pray to move from here! Believe it or not but 270 acres of green to the North of Parra is not a bad place to live. It's not downtown Parra or west of there which is a different matter altogether!
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Oh ok. From what ive heard you all say, it sounded like a bit of a slum. Although I think i was born very close to there. Honsby Hospital
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My kids were born there! Nothing wrong with Hornsby - Sydney's North Shore starts there and we have lived in the North West. Great suburbs around Beecroft, Cheltenham, Epping and Pennant Hills!
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I lived in Windor for the first 5 years of my life before moving to Gods Country. Sunny Sth East QLD :roll:

You don't have to reply for me to know what your thinking :wink: :D
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Hornsby is a fair bit north of parra.

I was born there as well, and grew up in the area.

and it is actually a rather good hospital, better run than RNS and RPA. (mums a nurse that has worked at both) Probably because its a bit smaller.
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My eldest daughter was born at Hornsby in 87! (Note year!) She came to watch me play in my last grand final of footy (in a baby capsule!) Nurses were very cute.

I was unhappy with the timing of the birth as I ended up missing going to Brookie for the Cronulla game where we smacked them and Shearer and O'Connor cut them to pieces out wide courtesy of Sir Cliffy Lyons.
Journey Man
I thought he was just trying to set her up with some similar aged manly supporters to be on the safe side :wink:
Manly vs Canberra if i can recall. I was only a few months old myself at the time born in 87 as well . Is it on dvd or video. Or does anybody have a copy that i could buy off them?

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