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Who was the Manly Junior who played in the 1970 winning President Cup side and then played played a key role in 1972 by replacing gun new Centre Ray Branighan when he was injured for three months during the early part of the season? He played a fair bit of first grade through his career but struggled to find a regular place ahead of Fulton, Branighan, Ken Irvine and Max Brown.
Why do you guys do stuff thats way before my time? :cry:

But I did just notice you are from North Parra CW. Your a religious man too. Id hope you pray every night to move away from that place. :D
Spot on Larry. Flip - I do pray to move from here! Believe it or not but 270 acres of green to the North of Parra is not a bad place to live. It's not downtown Parra or west of there which is a different matter altogether!
Oh ok. From what ive heard you all say, it sounded like a bit of a slum. Although I think i was born very close to there. Honsby Hospital
My kids were born there! Nothing wrong with Hornsby - Sydney's North Shore starts there and we have lived in the North West. Great suburbs around Beecroft, Cheltenham, Epping and Pennant Hills!
I lived in Windor for the first 5 years of my life before moving to Gods Country. Sunny Sth East QLD :roll:

You don't have to reply for me to know what your thinking :wink: :D
Hornsby is a fair bit north of parra.

I was born there as well, and grew up in the area.

and it is actually a rather good hospital, better run than RNS and RPA. (mums a nurse that has worked at both) Probably because its a bit smaller.
My eldest daughter was born at Hornsby in 87! (Note year!) She came to watch me play in my last grand final of footy (in a baby capsule!) Nurses were very cute.

I was unhappy with the timing of the birth as I ended up missing going to Brookie for the Cronulla game where we smacked them and Shearer and O'Connor cut them to pieces out wide courtesy of Sir Cliffy Lyons.
I thought he was just trying to set her up with some similar aged manly supporters to be on the safe side :wink:
Manly vs Canberra if i can recall. I was only a few months old myself at the time born in 87 as well . Is it on dvd or video. Or does anybody have a copy that i could buy off them?

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