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On the honour list of those who played 100 games or more for Manly since 1972 only three did not play in a MW premiership winning team. All three played in at least one Grand Final and one in particular starred in State of Origin and Australian teams, but none ever got to do a lap on GF day.

One was a centre, one was a half (one of the most exciting players to ever play for Manly) and one was a tough and mobile forward.

Who are they?


This is a very very long shot for the centre and I could be way off the mark BUT is it my old PE teacher Stephen Knight.
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No - Steve Knight only played about 30 games for Manly in 1978/79 and he was in the Premiership team in 1978.

Sounds like you went to Davidson High.


No - I went to Joeys- the year below BK- it was great having him there as he managed to get Beaver there doing prac teaching for PE. He had to be the biggest fittest person I have ever seen for his age !


by the way I was talking about Steve Knight being fit for his age - not BK, I'd say that Steve would've coached Kennedy in the first XV
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He did - I have seen the photo of that 1st XV as I now work with the other 'little' man that used to coach the 1sts in that era at Joeys!


You mean Mr Healy - the fitness guru (or was it Br Bede, the 1st XV tackling coach who would've been pushing 80(Icould be slightly off the age) I'd say and still getting the boys to run at him. He was my 4u Maths teacher & a very eccentric one at that, we had to use counting bedes and he let his nut case chow chow dogs roam around eating our books and snapping at our ankles-very angry dogs those chow chows :evil:
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I must ahve the wrong era at Joeys - Andrew P is the person I am talking about but maybe he was coaching the ones a little later than that!

Classes sound pretty bizarre!


Oh yeah he taught me in PE then he moved onto Kings about 93 I think- he was a good bloke- Basketball coach as well as far as I can remember-one of his fellow PE staff members Mr Lewinski- now he was crazy, he scared the **** out of me, a very old school gym teacher !
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Are you talking 100 first grade games or 100 grade games. I thought Phil Blake for the half but my records indicate he only played 90 first grade games.
Also Close as the centre but he has 96 first grade games.
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According to my records Phil Blake has 103 first grade games as does Chris Close - 100 exactly! (See the 2004 annual report for confirmation - page 13 Who knows - they could be talking about games where they started rather than came on as a replacement?.)

That's two out of three - who was the forward - who played a little later than the other two?

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