Where will Manly win it?

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According to the poll on the left Manly will win (36 votes to 8).

Given that the Dragons are desperate and playing at home, where will Manly win the game? (and don't say at WIN Stadium!!) In what aspects of football will Manly be too good!
apart from the aging Timmins who is pretty mobile, i see our pack as being fitter ( definately with all there blokes carrying injury ) faster, with the likes of Choc/Dunley/beaver and stronger and more intimidating with the likes of Kite and Kylie.... I know that Ryles and Bailey have huge wraps, but with the greatest of respect i reckon overrated , great players but not in the league that the media pump them up.

we should simply smash them in the forwards and pressure barrett... see easy game footy!
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IMO opinion we also have an advantage in the outside backs - Gasiner hasn't played a game for 6 months, then they have Colin Best and Albert Torrens (as I try to keep a straight face). Combined with beating them in the forward batte (which keeps Head/Barrett quiet) this will deliver us the 2 competition points.
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Just like Bill Lawry says - "the team that scores the most runs will probably win the game."
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Yeah i can see Kylie coming in later on in the innings and hitting a few guys over the fence
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this is going to be our biggest test, bigger than melbourne
u look at the dragons and u have to shake ure head that their 0 and 4 they ooze class and are going to be desperate to win.

However melbourne threw everything at us and we beat them.

The thing is as ive heard a few of the players say we havent clicked yet, our defence is in order but our attack at times has been rusty, thats a scary thought how good are we going to be when we click.

I have a bad feeling about this weekend but if we can scrap home with the win it will prove we are the real deal
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GC I agree this game can go either way. It's a worry....they will be charged up in front of a big WIN crowd....If Manly are a chapion team to really get excited about. The players should take the challenge and beat them.


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where will Manly win the game? (and don't say at WIN Stadium!!)

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As with most games we will play this year - this game will be won in the forwards.

Dominate their pack and Monas will have the time to work his craft. There's your victory.
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yeah - it was very smart.

Would only ruff house with the big people and when the littluns came along to play it would be extremely gentle. Not bad for 14 months old.
Here it is. The 68th minute will be a telling one. Manly will be up 18-14 at this stage. The Dragons will be attacking. On the 5th tackle, Barrett will put up a towering bomb to Donald's wing. The ball will bounce, unclear at this stage if any knock-ons take place. Witt will scope up the ball run for abit and find the big man on his outside. Donald will scoot away and score the match winner.
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Actually I reckon if we play better than them in the forwards and the backs we will probably win

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