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where was bryant??

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by gomanly, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. gomanly

    gomanly Member

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    what the hell, the guy is not getting enough game time, we need to upgrade his contract, look for another good prop and piss kite off to england! to say kite and only kite cost us the game is not 100% accurate, only about %95.
    2% was orfords miss and 3% was the stupid penalties we gave away, i wouldnt say that st george won, i would say that WE lost, extremely frustrating!!!! :bdh: :bdh: :bdh: :bdh: :bdh: :bdh:
  2. Downie

    Downie Active Member

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    Kite made 145 metres, according to nrl.com, the highest out of our props. So to blame the loss on him is harsh. Yeah, he made a couple of mistakes and they ended up in a couple of tries, but he wasn't the direct cause for them (save for the dropped ball on our own 10 metre line. That I'll give to you). Should we be wringing Stewart's neck for bombing that try but his pass went over Robbo's head?

    On our other forwards, Bryant made near 100, King 84 (from 8 hit ups) and Leuluai about 50-odd, but I think he went off injured. Menzies made 60 odd from 6 hit ups and both Kennedy and Watmough made 150+
  3. PEPSI

    PEPSI Active Member

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    kites first half was arguably a man of the match performance, he then went on to drop the two vital balls,

    then went on to score a great individuial try to get us back in the game .

    a mixed game, but hardly one to sack him over, he was still well beyond an improving jason king.

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