Where to start ?

Kiwi Eagle

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I don't know where to start today.

Thoughts on Orford well known. PL next week to actually show he has some desire for the club

Burns, inform him that it is legal to pass a ball, and then bring someone in to teach him how to do it. Can't doubt his commitment though

Menzies, back into the pack ole son. Never thought i would type this, but Menzies was woeful today

Overall commitment from the whole side, if a ball is on the ground, i want to see 5 blokes busting there arse to dive on it. Especially in the ingoal where we just watch them dot down.

Basic attack, no fancy bull****, if the offload isn't on, hold onto it. HARD AND STRAIGHT. If we find a weakness, attack it, dont go there once and leave it

If we get a wanker like Archer again, dont push anything or do anything stupid, eg elbow into the face from King. He is looking for ways to punish us so dont give him any opportunity, That tackle in the air from Hicks was a ****en awful call.

On a positive note, on the very few times they were given the chance with the ball, Finefeuiaki and Afamasaga looked good, Jacks 1st touch was beautiful, a nice angle then offload. Cuthberson looks to be getting better too.

My side for next week

Matai (if fit)


Williamson unlucky, but i see him as an 80min player, or PL.


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I still believe Orford is our no 1 halfback but I think a stint in PL is what he needs, give him a reality check.


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I guess its about time we admit it...the bubble has burst.Losses in recent weeks to 2 bad teams (Penrith and StGeorge),has proven that our early season form wasnt a true indication of how good our team really is.
If there is any chance of getting Kennedy back it should be done straight away,and he should be made captain,to put some direction back into the team.


Des has just made some awful decisions. Menzies is woeful at the centre.. he was slow two times to dive on a loose ball.. hes an old forward.. not a centre. NBQ is not first grade standard.

What happened to Bani? why wasnt he given a go? Constantly playing Lyon at 5/8 has disrupted a winning combination... Monas should be in the halves... Ballin should be at hooker.

1, Stewart
2. Robertson
3. Bell
4. Lyon
5. Hicks
6. Burns
7. Monaghan
8. King
9. Ballin
10. Kite
11. Watmough
12. Stewart
13. Menzies

14. Willow
15. Finefeuiaki ( was impressive and has mungrel)
16. Hall
17. Bryant


beaver has to be more invlved, he plays better when he is, he looked lost out wide, should have dived on 2 loose balls was asleep, then dropping that ball cold! He has been average the last two games.

get him back to lock and Willow back to bench to tighten up defence towards the end of the halves.


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We have too many backrowers, not enough props for des.

Until recently it used to be 1-2 bench props, now Des will play 3 if possible yet we have more depth and quality in our backrowers. Watmough, stewy2, beaver, Willo, Hall, cuthbo and halfasanga let alone BK are all there yet we still try to play a prop heavy game without the cattle.

Now it may be that des feels he needs his forwards to run over the top of the opposition and lay a big platform for his halfback to have any chance.

Kiwi Eagle

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Heard Des on ABC, poor bloke sounded absolutely shattered, was close to being a Wayne Bennett interview

Basically said our unforced, basic errors and discipline was woeful and must be sorted out.
Was asked for standouts at the end
DH "Robertson"
ABC "Any others to stand out"
DH "Robertson by a mile"

and that was where the interview ended


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Monaghan gives us SO much more in attack, he just misses Orford's speed. That's it. He looked way more dangerous with the ball in his hands then Orford did.


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Its all good and well to be naming teams for next week but it does nothing for the discussion of this game. The facts is we had 6 1st grade regulars out. and played like it.


Journey Man
Its all good and well to be naming teams for next week but it does nothing for the discussion of this game. The facts is we had 6 1st grade regulars out. and played like it.

Quit making excuses, they had 11 out


UFO Hunter
Would you prefer that I bag the team so you can then whinge because i'm bagging players?

Catch 22...


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The problems at Kogarah were all over the park. Des was right in one instance, Robbo was clearly our best (except for THAT pass) Kiwi I agree with your selections for next week although Bryant should be in PL replaced by Willo on the bench for defensive work. The Ox is an enigma, can win one for you and lose the next. He's a ball hog in more ways than one. Why does he persist in taking the penalty kicks and then only progressing the ball five or ten metres? Why didn't he look for supports when the game could have been won in that final scurry? Where was Toovs to tell tham what to do? Neumann needs another year in PL to learn to tie the ball up in a tackle and BNQ needs a steady head to tell him where to defend. The first telling factor in the defeat was the fact that we had five of our best players out which was way to much to make up. The Drag Queen's offloads were the other telling factor imo. We lost the tackle/wrestle and this needs to be addressed this week at training as does the halves situation, it can't be left to go on hoping for the best.

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