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Monaghan has re-signed for 3 years.

Matt King has re-signed with the Storm for 3 years. Which is interesting seeing King stated openly that he would test his worth due to the treatment of his brothers. A little birdie told me that King was turned off by Cummings' business operations, and was unimpressed making him re-sign.

I can't see this Orford deal coming through now to be honest.

What would be your next move in the player market?

For mine, it is a must for the club to snare a top line centre......... Shaun Berrigan is the man. As well as that I would that the club are either looking at a top line hooker or a top line front rower.

One of.... Berrigan/Bell/Lolesi/Naiqama/Soiola

One of.... Cayless/Bailey/Wing

One of..... Myles/Moi Moi/Paleasina/Another front rower off contract

Your oppinion?
I can't see us being able to afford Berrigan, Bailey or Wing.

Manly has proved in the past that the players we get the most out of are either those who come through the grades or those who we buy without big names and then build them into being stars. We seem to get some good retirees as well (BK, Cement, Liddiard etc). Big name players who are in the prime of their careers just don't seem to be worth the bucks we have to pay for them (Field, Sedaris, the Iro's etc).
So my opinion would be to support a Moi Moi or the like & see what we can get out of them (he is another judiciary man though).
Flash Ash will be the backline saviour, I have faith.
I was so looking forward to M King. Sign Lolesi for sure I reckon. Can't see Berrigan leaving Brisbane. Obviously we can't get Lyon. Bell's pretty good too.
Bell and flashj would be a fine centre pairing.

However there are plenty more reasonable centes on the market from memory.

Baily would be great - but bye bye hecks.

Flannery wouldnt go astray i think he is on the marker this year
I wonder how many proposed new players weren't impressed with admins negotiation skills.....:)
Broncos have stated if any players remain unsigned at 30 June they probably wont be at the club. looks as if they are trying to put pressure on them before testing the open market.

I hope Berrick Barnes & Berrigan are not signed then, would love a crack at them 2.
I'd go with Lolesi & hopefully add Lyon to the mix in 2007.
I'm hopeful that Cleal can get Lyon to manly , but it's probable that the Gold Coast are going to offer him big $$$.
I'd love Berrigan in Maroon and White, but the Broncos just don't let talent like that go. Anyone that they release is either past it, or has some serious issues.
I'd love Berrigan in Maroon and White, but the Broncos just don't let talent like that go. Anyone that they release is either past it, or has some serious issues.

Harrison? Price?
I forgot about Wes Naiqama and Iosia Soiola who are both off-contract and would be excellent purchases.

IMO both have massive careers in the centres, Soiola will play for New Zealand and Naiqama will most likely prefer to play somewhere where he would be playing centre not wing.

A young centre pairing might be the way to go, and that would enable the management to bolster the pack further. Or even purchase a 'blue chip' half/hooker option such as Craig Wing or Matt Orford.
Craig wing's off contract as well


if we cant attack with that its the rest of the team letting us down.

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