where to from here.

the odds of getting orford appear to be lengthening.where does this leave us.

with 8 years of incompetence fast approaching (with a solitary 10th place finals embarrassment to our credit) and with bk and beaver finishing up i really fear that we may be reaching the predicament that souths find themselves in whereby players will not risk their carreers by going to a [censored] club.

without getting into a debate about the pros and cons of matt orford it cannot be seriously argued that he is not a marquee player.the undeniable upside of a marquee half and something that has been rarely mentioned is the players he may attract down the track.this is in many ways just as important or more so to the clubs future than the individual himself.the classic example is the way fittler changed the way easts were perceived and how many rep players gravitated to the club.i am not for a moment comparing the two players as fittler is a great but the concept is clear.you just have to look at this year to see how players want good halves before committing-harrison,ross etc.

presently we have a very average front row and the worst halves in the comp.there would not be a single club interested in our 6 and 7 if we offloaded them-they are simply very ordinary fringe first graders or PL players at best.

in addition,for some reason we are not throwing up the juniors like past years.the stewart brothers are from woolongong wests and with the exception of choc we have found nothing in a long time.our lower grades have been also rans for many years with the exception of PL last year and there is nothing in that side that excites.

i really fear for our great club.we nearly lost her a couple of years ago and we dont want to go through that again.there are some tough times ahead if we dont at least have the chance to see orford in the famous maroon and white and /or we capitulate and dont taste finals football this year.and we shouldnt kid ourselves-if we run 11th or 12th we will be equal favourites for the spoon next year with older star players and virtually zero recruitment.

sadly he climbs the stairs to bed........


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