When you dominate for an entire half of football...


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and only score 2 tries, one of which was a forward barging over, you have serious problems with your backline, particularly your halves.

We didn't deserve to lose that, no way, no how.


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and only score 2 tries, one of which was a forward barging over, you have serious problems with your backline, particularly your halves.

We didn't deserve to lose that, no way, no how.

Basically no idea with the ball in the opposing 20. The coaching staff have to take a lot of critiscism for the lack of set plays. They are the worst drilled attacking side in the comp by far. Our best play is a BK run from ten out.

Dessie I'm afraid won't see out his 3 year contract.


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We are hurting from having no five-eighth, no spark. We do not construct clever sets in opposing 20s. The winning try they scrored was based on earlier plays and attracting defenders to the opposite side. We were then short on the other side and didn't shift well enough.
same old story.low standard game,warriors gift wrapped it for us but as usual we couldnt open our present.they barely completed a set in the second half yet we couldnt finish them off.that is close to the worst they have played for 5 weeks yet they DID win this close one.ive had my fill.bring on 06.

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Only problem is that 06 is such a long way away and to have to face the semis with no Manly is just plain depressing. Good things may be ahead but 1995 and 6 videos can only provide so much comfort.

Can't even turn the cricket on to enjoy a good thrashing of the Poms!
3 chargedowns,total domination of field position for no result,the usual passes to no-one and confrontations with the ref, combined with a lovely try to stephenson and a couple of deft kicks..and i actually agree that it was one of his "better" efforts'AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM.

with the exception of bk charging and the odd kick or 2 we have absolutely nothing in attack.

I must say as well as kite and bk went, i thought menzies too was sensational in defence(especially his efforts re wiki).too miss jones at the end was an injustice for a wholehearted effort.willo also tried very hard.

overall a lot more effort this week thank god but with no 6,7 and 9 we are cannon fodder.i dont care how bad witt is .the present situation is ludicrous with us losing 9 from 10.surely no-one thinks we have improved with this 7 forward rubbish.i am a supporter of des but this is hard to fathom.

we will probably lose next week to make it nine from our last 10 and can still make the eight if the panthers and eels win today and the bulldogs and tigers win the week after.unbelieveable.


Im losing faith in Des. Everyone agrees we need to play a 5/8 not a 2nd rower.. yet hes still failed to see this.. our attack has been horrible for months now and he still sticks with a 5/8.

For one we miss having the trio in the 2nd row which were so strong for us. Monas is deadset struggling on his own.. hes getting the ball so close to the play the ball that when he looks for options hes just got forwards and hes too far from our backline to do anything.. looks for runners and nothings doing. His kicking game was pretty good last night i thought

other positives.. BK was sensational. Jason King stood up again.. 104 metres or something. Kite was absolutely superb. Heckenberg played well in his return.

Lets just hope Des has the brains to realise we need either Witt or Burns at 5/8 next week.
"jason king stood up AGAIN"

that'll do me boys.see you next year.how much can a koala ****ing bear?

06-new year,new backs,some options,no monaghan at 7 ,king still hanging around,no randall and harris thank god,bk captain,des with another year's experience.interesting mix.result-no idea.

go the eags!

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