What's your favourite TV show?

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First Grader
What's your favourite TV show?

Present & Past

Law & Order Criminal intent....The one with Goran.

Is mine at the moment.

Past or Present??

Presently i found little britain hilarious, always have time for a simpsons episode, and sport, plenty of sport

Past Goodies, red dwarf, black adder, futurama theres a trend here i know.
Too many to choose from

Scrubs, South park, the OC, CSI

Theres also a series that was on a couple of years ago that has been repeated recently which is called something like "This amazing universe" or something, they talk about quantam physics, string theory etc. A great show

Previously: Malcolm in the middle, Friends, Red Dwarf, The Young Ones
Scrubs and CSI are brilliant. But only the original CSI... the rest aren't good at all. Too soap opera-ey.
Little Britian is awesome.
So's Kath & Kim...
And Red Dwarf (I know every line), Monty Python (same thing... and Mike Palin is a little hottie), the Goodies, League of Gentlemen, Brittas Empire, Black Books (Bernard is a god!), Q Series (Spike Milligan!!), Ripping Yarns, My Family, Blackadder, Men Behaving Badly (reminds me of something...), Vicar of Dibley, The Telegoons (not as good as the Goon Show but hey, that was on radio!), Shin Chan, The Samuri (Shintaro!!), Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
A great many others...
Star Trek needs an honourable mention cause I rather Like it (NERD)... also the original series was the funniest thing on TV... same with Dr Who too.
Only the original star trek was any good.

If you start talking in clingon or something You will however get an instant banning from this site. Im a bit of a nerd, but there are limits to how much of a nerd I can be.

I was the kid in school, hang on let me dsescribe this by a tism song

"The first guy to try cocaine, a wild boy breaking free, he ends up in a court of law as a prosecuting QC"
Greg the Stop Sign, Tism

However replace prosecuting QC with IT Professional.

I wont take that final leap into nerdiness.

Also Kath & Kim, I hate that ****ing show, ****en bogans **** me
I won't do klingon. I can speak a little... but I had to learn to communicate with my uncle. He was my godfather. He tried but it always came back to trek. I only watch the first series too. And I don't have them on tape, nor do I have any books. So I'm not too bad...

Oh dear... for me in that song change the drug to alcohol, and the sex of the subject. Hmmmm

Most things make me laugh... I guess the show works for me cause I'm a chick. I also know people like that. ... Tragic, really....
if i knew people like that, I would be looking for new peole to know. no offense, well actually plenty of it.

its nothing a half decent education cant fix. Damn liberal government!!!!
Perhaps education isnt the answer, i think perhaps we need to educate people how to want to educate themselves.

I didnt learn programming in a school, I taught myself, same with most things I know.

Thats it send these people a computer or something and we will right a program called 12 steps to break free of the bogan duldrums
Programming was taught in school? Oh yeah... it was... well, by me anyways...
Actually, with computer programming... my bro just graduated from the USYD course and damn he's good... he knows more than they ever taught him... And he's such a nerd... he has LAN parties with his mates LOL... back to the question... do you got any tips for him on how to get a job? He be running his own software distribution website but he be looking for full-time work.

Yah, could do that... but there had better be things they like on it. Like... Britney and flannel. (YUK!)
tips on getting a job in IT?

You have to start right at the bottom, no one cares what you did on your own. There is no way I would hire anyone who didnt have prior experience in a corporate environment.

He will most likely have to start in a Call Centre space doing 1st level support. Then you can branch out.
Its a tough market to crack into cause IT guys are a dime a dozen.

There is an IT company in Sydney (not sure the name) but they are taking just about anyone for QA jobs at the moment.

If he wants to make heaps of money and still lives at home then Contracting is the way to go. That was a good business, I earnt $4000 one week. The problem is that one month you are earning $4000 a week. the next you are out of job for 3 or 4 months.
eh so did I. the market is picking up again now, and january is a good time to look, also around mid June are hot months for IT jobs.

Once you get your foot in the door it gets a tiny bit easier. However it is still very difficult.
As it is in most professions. Biggest problem is alot of places, such as Macquarie are laying lotsa people in IT off... He got no chance.

Anyways, I'll get his gf to kick his butt...

Thank god there is always need for lawyers! LOL
exactly hell still needs lawyers to fill its ranks
Stargate. If anyone has seen this series right from the begining, absolute classic. Another one close is CSI, both variations of it.
There are now three variations of CSI... getting a bit much eh?

Oh yeah... good taste in Stargate!!
Ill be interested to see how the New York goes. I am more a fan of Miami, but like you say, too much of a good thing can be bad.

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