What with Witt in 2006?

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First Grader
Will he stay in PL or will he fire up and play NRL.

I would like to think he'll work on his defence. But his attack wasn't as creative as I hoped. Somehow I think he'll be a "backup" 5/8 and will finish up like Mullane.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
It's funny - I looked through my collection of tries downloaded from this site and Witt had a great involvement in a majaority of them in the first half of the season. His defence was good up till about Round 15 but then he either lost confidence, got an injury or just went off the boil (not Robinson Crusoe either.) I don't think he is the ultimate answer to our 5/8 issues but he wasn't as bad as certain players around him.


UFO Hunter
There was nothing majorley wrong with Witt that wouldn't happen to most 19 year old who are thrown outside an incompetent half.


When Parra released Witt to us I recall Brian Smith saying that he needed to mature more.

The Parra fans also said that he started off being good and then all of a sudden his form totally dropped off which is exactly what happened with him this year with us.

I am not sure whether he is going to make it in first grade as to me he seems too timid and indecisive and not tough enough (Toovey was a tough little rooster from the first day he came into 1st grade) .

Hopefully he will mature in the offseason and come out a much better player next year.

Next year is going to be a make or break year for quite a few of our players who really need to step up and improve considerably. Witt is one and Mattai, Kylie, King, Monaghan are others.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I will be very interested to see what transpires with Dykes (if anything) and any other players coming onto the market. I am sure there will be movement yet. I am not convinced that Monas will be at Many (just a hunch) and several other players are yet to be signed.

The Wheel

Premium Member
5/8 is a key position for us next year along with Prop. We have every other position covered. If a few guys don't stand up and be counted in these vital positions we can resign ourselves to another year of medioricity I am afraid. (Even with Ordord & Bell) Look at the Tigers without Marshall and Skandallis as an example they would not get close to winning a GF without them playing decent footy.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
To have to play Handbag, Willo and Beaver there is a sad indictment on our 5/8 stocks.

I hope we can get this sorted as Wheel is spot on above!


Journey Man
i honestly dont see him improving and with monas and burns there he is a fair way back in the 5/8 stakes.

Also note Clint halden played some very good footy when not injured this year as PL 5/8


Winging it
He has played 49 NRL games which has given most pundits a view of his potential. He was very solid in the first half of the season and showed guts for his size and front on defence on the big players was fantastic. Then he just lost it. His errors blew out to about 5 per game (from a previous average of about 2) and the time he had to think and react and take good options just evaporated. I don't know what happened as he definitely showed promise. My guess is that he won't make it and we are better off looking for a youngster to come through, but hope I am wrong if he stays.


Reserve Grader
i honestly dont see him improving and with monas and burns there he is a fair way back in the 5/8 stakes.

Also note Clint halden played some very good footy when not injured this year as PL 5/8

Did Clint Halden play any games at all this year ??


Journey Man
i saw him play 2 i think, didnt know much about him but he did well. Kept Robson and Mullane out of the 5/8 position


Journey Man
I'm of the thinking monaghan will play 5/8 next year. For a while, that concerned me, then I recalled how good he looked next to Walker. Therefore, I almost consider our best option is Monaghan. When he focuses on one side of the ruck - he plays ok. Like against Canberra. This will be our team to start - I assure you.

01. Brett Stewart
02. Paul Stephenson
03. Steven Bell
04. Ashley Alberts
05. Chris Hicks
06. Michael monaghan
07. Matt Orford
08. Brent Kite
09. Luke Williamson
10. Daniel Heckenberg
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Shayne Dunley
15. Kylie Leuleuai
16. Jason King
17. Mark Bryant / George Rose / Kane Cleal / Glenn Stewart / Adam Cuthbertson

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