What will Stewart need to do?

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Kim Jong Dan
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Just wanted to see what some of you guys think Stewart will need to do to get the blues Jersey?
We all know that The count is thefavourite and we know the selectors hate to make changes because they are freaks.

So how much will he have to out perform Mini?
He will have to play, really, really well. Probably go just short of performing sexual favours to the selectors ;)
He will struggle. He could get a wing spot though, they have selected fullbacks as wingers in the past.

I think Minichello's kick returns are what will win him the spot.
Even if he outplays Mini I dont think it will make a difference. I would go Stewart at fullback with Mini on the wing but doubt it would happen.
He has to hope minichello does not have a good game if he wants the number 1

I get the feeling that if he plays well he is a very good chance of a wing spot and i reakon he would go very well there. He tends to favour a winger type tackle when players break the line anyway ie rather than meet them face on he will show them the side line then grab them around the thighs. He is fast, he knows his way to the try line and is very good under the high ball. All traademarks of a good winger. The only thing he will lack is dummy half runs - but in origin that shouldnt be a major factor for a winger.

I also get the feeling they would like to see how he goes and should he fail its safer to have him on the wing rather than at fullback
He does a few dummy half runs now tho too
He needs to tackle well one-on-one. When he missed SBW, and I think Bowen too, that doesn't help his chances. That's what the Selectors want to see.
No chance of getting a blues jersey unless Mini gets injured.'Kick returns' is where Mini does it alot better than Stewart.

If they go with Lyon & Cooper in the centres, King will have one wing spot. Grothe or even Tahu would probably get the other spot ahead of Stewart.
Anasta will have a shocker tonight and J Lyon will get the 5/8 gig for the Blues. King and Cooper in the centres, Grothe and Stewart/Mini on the wing.
I have always said he wont make rep sides until he develops a kick return. With his current surrender style he would be mauled by the qld forwards. If he could run with the purpose of Robertson on return then he would be set for along rep career
isnt there something about players going to union not getting blues or australia jerserys?
isnt there something about players going to union not getting blues or australia jerserys?

That went out the window just after NSW gave all the superstars to QLD *COUGH* apparently.
Gidley isn't ahead for fb. Gidley is fighting it out with Farrah for the bench spot.

If they want Mini AND Stewart in the side, it has to be Mini on the wing. He has played there before and like the goal of a couple of years ago, when the full-back makes a kick return, he can come into dummy-half and break tackles that way.
Gidley is only fighting Farah for the bench spot because Mini is guaranteed fullback, if he gets injured then Gidley will be next in line for FB in the selectors eyes IMO.

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