What will get the most media coverage?

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Hoppa's big hit that went wrong or the Beaver's 150th try?

Congrats to Beaver on his monumentous achievement !!!




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Look that was premeditated by hoppa, it looked like he lined the guy up and just went for him, It was pointless. He should not have left the ground, It has scarred an otherwise great showing by Manly. It cost us the first 3 tries by the sharks, it could have been a bigger hyding instead of just a good win
Unfortunately I didn't get to see the game but if the boys had to work hard for the win after the send-off it can only stand them in good stead for next weeks game against the Storm, as they look like they're in red-hot form.
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I was walking along at the base of the stand and just watched him run full pelt and then he just collected him. It was so obvious that I can't believe he couldn't side step him. I haven't seen the replay but it doesn't sound good.

This incident aside it was one of the greatest and toughest wins I have seen.


Kim Jong Dan
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Actually from seeig the replay it looked like the reason his arm hit the head was he was trying to "push air" to avoid the contact. Not as bad as it seemed at the ground. If Galloway had got up and walked off afterwards I dont think too much would happen to him
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That was what my thoughts were - everything was fine until people realised galloway was injured - something not right there.

I dont think the elbow was intentional but he still hit him - and will cop it


Kim Jong Dan
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yup the elbow wasnt intentional but the big hit was
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I saw Hoppa sprinting around behind the line, and thought here we go. As soon as he jumped I thought he is gorrne. Until I saw all his team mates patting him on the back, thought it must have been ok. Then the replay soon changed that view!!!

Galloway must have known he was coming, probably why he passed the ball in the hope of not getting smashed by Hoppa.

Also was I seeing things on the Hill? I am sure I saw a couple of dropped balls missed by the touchie in perfect view.
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