What the ?


Winging it
Just started watching the game and it hasn't gone 30 seconds and there is Duff, Fluffy and Kell on the tube AGAIN! 8|


Winging it
Also spotted Wheel and Dan's dad on the fence when Hicksie went in. What happened to the Preso Lounge pass Wheel??


Well i did see those people at the start of the game.. but i have no idea what fluffy and duff etc look like so i might go back and pause it so i can keep an eye out for them in the future


Journey Man
the ugly ones standing near Kell

was quite funny when MB went and said hello to Kell, she had no idea who he was.


At least my son got a good go at the beginning of the game - running out with the match ball.................


Journey Man
At least my son got a good go at the beginning of the game - running out with the match ball.................

a day to remember for an age I'd imagine.

Wine party this Xmas BTW? !pray:


Jack had a great day & it was an awesome experience (even for me!). The cheer was great when his name was announced and we were out in the middle of Brooky. We got to stand in the tunnel with the cheer leaders a few cm's away - may I just say that what they lack in the brain department they make up for in looks!
We didn't get to meet any players but at least I was able to video his run in front of the players. His mum must have watched it at least a dozen times when we got home from Sydney yesterday!
Pity I didn't get to meet any other ST regulars apart from The Wheel. We sat on the hill at the 40mtr line directly down from the beer hut. There were certainly some characters around who had frequented the beer hut a few too many times over the afternoon. They got more animated & louder as the game progressed........


Journey Man
possibly that was us although we started later since we were out petitioning so didnt crack one till well into the second half of PL.

We were still fairly loud, and started most of the chants in the second half since no one else bothered.

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