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Not much of a boost for monas and witt with orford signing hopefully doesn't affect the way they play against the cowboys if they play crap again surely its time for a stint in PL its about time for a wake up call for some players.
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Well we have a lot of players going (Duck, Harris, Randall, Steppa, Hill) and players moving position - to be honest I would start thinking about 2006.

However they might have enough in them to make the 8
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No offence to the players but the way the silly season comes around every year is very disruptive to team harmony (presuming it is there) and then you have players focussing on the next year and not the current one, The top players are always professional and deliver. My personal feeling is that the Monasgate and Orford drawn out signing along with others knowing that a contract is not being offered will have a very negative affect on Manly's season. I have already written off all my bets as another year's complete folly. More than disappointing but I would be very impressed if they come back from all of this.
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They'll come good fellas. Don't you worry about that. Manly's players if anything, play for themselves, and each other. It may not be for the staff who have decided that we need alternate options. But they really want to do it for each other.

It's a shame we are not a bit more like Nth Qld. They do it for their fans, and their fans love them for it.

I think it's more about business, then family in Manly.

That's why players want to stay with Bennett. They feel like he is their family.

Anyway - don't worry fellas - the players have enough pride to put in for each other if nothing else.
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You weren't spouting all this positivity on Sunday Ryan. As a punter you just learn to face facts pretty quickly. 5 losses out of 6, in games they should have been up for and top it off with the incredibly distabilising effects of the last two weeks and I can't see it. I will be there cheering them on but some times the truth is right in front of you.
agreed mb.it is not so much losing but the way we have lost.our talent pool is such that we needed everything go our way.a few injuries, coaches working us out and the far tougher draw late in the season have found us out.as a fellow punter i have long given away betting on setiment. the death knell has well and truly arrived for us this year.10th is my bet.i hope i am horribly wrong but the cold reality is there for all to see.i think des should start tinkering with a few positions for next year.
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I am still confident we will make the 8 and achieve our number 1 goal for the year. This week will move us a lot closer and with 1 or 2 upsets we may be very close. if we win 1 or 2 against the others on 22 we should make it.

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