What is left now?


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Brenton Bowen signed to Cowboys.

Grothe to Eels.

Bell all but gone to Souths. (Mind you Tahu and Monaghan were all but here last year.)

We really do need a class centre, Lolesi will go to the GC so not an option IMO. Flannery might be the guy they are looking at, but IMO still not the class centre we are after.

Mark Calderwood looks more and more like being Donald's replacement.

I would go all out for Berrigan, but I still can't see him leaving Brisbane, otherwise Naiqama for mine. Plus some front row back-up.


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well it was said last night by wydler that flannery would stay - but it is wydler so read what you will.

The broncos have said that they didnt expect to sign any players still unsigned before june 30 and would struggle to keep them, this was a week or 2 ago. Berrigan may not be no hope after all.


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Manly have been hardly mentioned in recent weeks as targeting any new signings. I just hope this is a deliberate tactic and we are just flying low under the radar and have some aces up our sleeves after Juen 30.


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Agreed not much talk atm. Lets hope its a good sign. It looks like Manly are clearing out some players so they should have some rabits up there sleave (Hopefully not Williams) :lol:

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We were not in the race for Kite last year either but we got him. Don't worry I believe we are being active in the market but that doesn't guarantee we will get who we are after either.


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It worries me that people have to meet Cummings & co. They don't "appear" to have a good rapore with any managers / players with negotiations.


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How do we stand Finacially at the moment? Membership does not seem to be growing rapidly and I have not noticed any new sponsors. Do we have any money flowing into the club other than Max or gate tackings?


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Phelps would have been worth a look but he has re-signed with the rapists.

Nate Myles would be an interesting option. We have to wave a fistful at Berrigan I would think.


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Barry Berrigan hated Sydney life and I think his bro would be the same. next to no chance of getting him I think but I would like to proven wrong.


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Harsh Las - but fair I think mate.
Maybe Bell for one year until Lyon comes. Bells 30...so?


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Matt King was rumoured to not want to sign with Manly due to Cummings Stuey. You would also have to concede that the Monas thing wasn't handled very well, until Cummings apologised for his actions.
Garts, there is an article in the Melbourne papers that say Bell, who will be 30 next year.


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c_eagle...if you want to take quick stabs at people, please do so on a site that DOESN'T welcome open discussion. Your teenage buddies are elsewhere are they not?
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