What do you guys think about this 2006 potential side?


Journey Man
01. Brett Stewart
02. Ashley Alberts
03. Steven Bell
04. Jamie Lyon
05. Chris Hicks
06. Michael Witt
07. Matt Orford
08. Brent Kite
09. Michael Monaghan
10. Jason King
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Shayne Dunley
15. Kylie Leuleuai
16. Luke Williamson
17. Kane Cleal

I'd personally put in Bryant for King - But Dessy is infatuated with him.
I'd say Rose would be pushing for Cleal's spot.


Kim Jong Dan
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number 9 could be a problem. i would prefer

09: Dunley
14: ballin


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What would be your other option for Jamie Lyon?. I have doubts he will be here in 2006 (God I hope I'm wrong). Maybe Stephenson on the wing, Alberts in to centre .... Matai???
A couple of things:
1. Why put Lyon in there? If you are trying to be serious about the side, there's no point putting him in - it's too speculative. Put Robertson or Steppa onto the wing and Flash Ash into the centres.
2. I'd personally like to give Monas a try at 5/8. Down the road I'd like him at hooker, but short-term I think he's better than Witt.
3. I'd have Bryant ahead of Kylie, although probably Cleal ahead of Kylie and King. Kylie is inconsistent in defence, and King just plain can't play. At least Cleal has an upside to him. I'd like to see Cleal get a decent run this year. I think he will be good down the track.
4. I know our options are thin, but is Willow still 1st Grade standard? He looked quite immobile down the stretch this season. I know he tries his heart out but not sure if that's good enough.


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1. brett stewart
2. paul stephenson
3. steven bell
4. chris hicks
5. new guy from canberra (dont know his name)
6. michael monaghan
7. matt orford
8. brent kite (c)
9. michael witt
10. mark bryant
11. steven menzies
12. anthony watmough
13. ben kennedy

14. mark bryant
15. shayne dunley
16. george rose / kylie leuluai
17. luke williamson


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then depending on form or injury, king, matai, alberts and cleal would be my first choice replacements, and monnas is only in there to support orford he is not the main play maker, if he thinks for one second he is king dik of the fanny tribe then he'll get punted to premier league and we'll give someon else a go. BTW lyon will NOT be at manly in 2006, we have to wait another year.


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Arko - Bryant would be working pretty hard starting AND being a reserve at the same time !!! HeHeHe.


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bryant has been known to take on a big work load. woops! but bryant to start and kylie on the bench. what about this kyle arnold guy has anyone heard anything in regards to him signing


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Hopefully some of you will feel a little differently in about six to eight months time. Can't wait for the games to begin!! :)


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Same here, but I guess it's the same every year. I remember similar expectation (disappointments) for king last year and a lot didn't change.

Roll on 2006 though.


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Cleal can't possibly be in the 1st 17.

Michael Robertson isn't a bad player . He'll be in the 1st grade squad. Not that there's much competition.


Journey Man
You guys should re-watch the the Wests Tigers game @ Brookie this year. Apart from the unfortunate head high tackle Cleal got two weeks for, he was by FAR the best forward (prop) that day.

Brent Kite, Jason King, Kylie Leuleuai, Daniel Heckenberg were all out.

It was Curtis, Cleal, Bryant in. Cleal was the only prop to make line breaks, & show agression. The others were solid, but went missing. What I noticed about Cleal though, is that he was always in motion in attack, giving the dummy 1/2 options, whereas the other two went missing a little bit. Also he is excellent laterally in defence at dummy 1/2, something Hecks was atroucious at.

One benefit of ALL these players though is that they all have a quick play the ball.

By the was BK scored 3 tries in that one match. Shayne Dunley also had a blinder.

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