What did we all get for Christmas


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Well it evening on chrissy day and it time to flaunt the spoils.

I scored a DVD player, Street directory and a couple of bottles of red.

But the best bit came when they said what else would i like and i said a new manly jersey jokingly and they agreed - SCORE!!


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:shock: I got a vacume cleaner! Finally I can vacume my house..... :oops: after a month of living here. Mum wouldn't let me buy one until today :lol:


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Well my mrs got me the new Manly jersey....and I wore it to the christmas lunch were all the inlaws HATE Manly....it was good stuff.

got plenty of shirts, dvd's etc as well.


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Wells? As in, the Water Wells. And food for africa. You may have to explain that a little more. But, if you sent that to africa and bought them wells, you are a fine man matabele. :p

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Wells? As in, the Water Wells. And food for africa. You may have to explain that a little more. But, if you sent that to africa and bought them wells, you are a fine man matabele.  :p
Tear Fund do an alternative gift list where you buy food for kids, items for school and water for places where there is little. Instead of gving someone some item they don't need you spend some money on a gift for Africa or Asia.

My daughter bought those in our family: school supplies for kids, a market garden and a goat for a family, to allow those in poverty to become self sufficient.

Is a bit different but it is a good cause, when you think of how many millions we spend on ourselves.

I got a pair of Manly speedos (to wear under the boardies)! and bought Daughter 3 a Manly bandana! We all did very well!


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I will be now that I know of such a thing. I don't give through World Vision because my family have a close friend who work for them. While some money does get to the children and families, a lot gets wasted. Very sad really but if someone (mata) can give me some info so I can participate in the future, it would be very much appreciated.


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*applaudes Mata and CW*

I recieved the majority of my gits a while back.

My parents bought me a car a few months ago and paid for my recent schoolies trip + spending money.

Got a new little bits yesterday, clothes and whatnot.


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Well done guys. Good to see your parents are looking after you CC.......car and all, well done :wink:

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CC did you get laid up at Schoolies 8) :wink:

I got a shirt (not Manly related), a BBQ set, a couple of very poor DVDs and a good book 200 Years of Cricket in Australia - list every test player and player chosen in a test - inlcuding a relative of mine who is player Number 44.


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Wheel what happens on schoolies.......stays at schoolies :wink:

I'm not one to brag anyway :p

Bought myself a few pressies today.

Muse - Absolution
Shihad - Churn


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Oi! Fluff!! What about the prezzie I gave you???

I did very well... got money to help me move out (YIPPEEEEEE)... I got an autograph of Micheal Palin (my 3rd so far... I've met him twice)... Harry Potter DVD, Michel Palin Himalaya DVD, tickets to see the Goodies LIVE!!! (Ta fluff), a hand-decorated tea towel from my grandma, money from Nanna (which has gone to the Tsunami fund), And some girly makeup thingy... I got some other little things from the boarder living with us and my family... oh, one was a Spike Milligan book.

I must admit, I can be altruistic... but I'm also materialistic... :oops:

Well, all those prezzies should keep me occupied for a year... I'm going to be a poor student... :D

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