What Did Des Say at Half time?

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I thought the last try just before half time was going to kill us. (You now what they say about the five minutes before and after half time.

Des must have put something in the drinks or something. To get back on even terms in 10 mins after half time after looking a disjointed rabble in the 20 minutes before was magnificent. We were very dodgy on the fringes in the first half and yet this picked up markedly in the second half. Well done for pinpointing the problems and doing something about it.

The boys were pumped at the end and did a full work around Brookie to celebrate the win and thank the fans.


Look at the silvertails banner on the hill and imagine the bagging you will get this week if you don't win.


Got no clue but it must have been good. We can be behind at halftime and still feel comfortable, we've made so many comebacks in the last few seasons.

Trailing Penrith by 18-20 points than coming back to win at the death is extremely classy though. It's alot better than receiving the huge thrashings they gave us in previous seasons.


Dunno, a bit of rotation might go on.

Which one do you reckon holds the cheersquad together the best : p


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I would imagine BK would have had plenty to say yet again he's proven what a legend he is.

Even Bozo said he's a special for best ever lock for the club.
Des deserves credit for keeping BK off for so long in the 2nd half, Imo if he had prematurely put him back on before we had levelled we may not have won.


Agree, Des is doing some good things. Keep up the good work all.
Lets smash those Slimy little buggars on Sat night. Someone take a banner that has Jamie Lyon on it somewhere. Stick it right up em.


I would imagine BK would have had plenty to say yet again he's proven what a legend he is.

Even Bozo said he's a special for best ever lock for the club.

My first reply was going to contain "Byso, will tell you it had nothing to do with dessie" 8)


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I can tell you exactly what was said.

Des was relatively quiet. Basically the only thing he had to say was "yoa have to corral their big blokes". He was fairly confident that they were fairly blown and that their fitness would go.

BK had a lot more to say - mainly about passion and never giving up.


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I imagined he might have said, "that was an entertaining first half, now start moving those big buggers around, quicken up the play the balls, kick longer Monas and stay of for another twenty BK so those PLers can step up." I thought we were gone at half time, obviously I can't read a game at all. My daughter was so stressed she came down with a headache and I couldn't get to the afters. A great victory. Now to smash the Parameters.

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