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What are your top 5 memorable moments of supporting Manly?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by sheridanstand78, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. sheridanstand78

    sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

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    I have supported Manly for over 40 years and I have been thinking about the great memorable moments that I have witnessed in that time.

    Moment 5: The day that Manly went to Whinger stadium in March 1988 and blew the worms off the park 64-12. The sight of their fans scurrying out of the ground with 15 minutes to go was priceless.

    Moment 4: In March 1982 when Manly overcame the dirty dogs at Belmore 8-7 when we were down to 11 men. That day we lost the penalty count about 18-7 yet that team repelled wave after wave of attacks to come away with a famous win.

    Moment 3: July 1994, when the dragons came to visit Brooky and Manly chalked up a record 61-0 obliteration of the Saints, that was a perfect day for the team and will never forget Ridgey kicking the last goal to get us over the 60 mark.

    Moment 2: September 1978 - Final series. For sheer pleasure this for me was the most satisfying premiership the club has every won. That team overcame adversity that I have never seen until the most recent side to overcome replays and serious injuries to beat 3 quality teams and win the premiership, I was 11 years old and my hero was Graham Eadie, he was the man of the match in that grand final and the famed Manly spirit was shining in that team.

    Moment 1: The 2008 grand final win over the drizzle was an emotional day. For most of us it was fitting that we won which erased the fact that we nearly lost the team about 9 years earlier to the northern eagles farce. We beat an enemy that we later found out had cheated their way to success and my biggest memory from that day was seeing the Beaver stroll over for the 7th try of the day, still brings a tear to my eye that one.

    Well thats a few of my special moments and I am sure all of you out there has a few too. Please share them with everyone.

    I know there is a lot of speculation about the future but its nice to remind ourselves of why this club means so much to us all.
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    • mjb136

      mjb136 MWSE fanatic Premium Member

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      Too many to mention but 1st is the 40 nil win over the scum, a record that will never be broken.

      2nd is coming back from 14 nil down against the crapittohs to win 30-20 in preliminary final 2013. I still remember the look of pain in my rabbitohs supporter mates face, was a different look to his face at the 20 min mark. I rate this highly just on the fact that I absolutely hate the rabbitohs.

      3rd is beaver scoring in 08 GF. Seriously he had been back on the field for 2 seconds, what a machine.

      4th is 96 GF win over the dragons. I had been a supporter for 4 years at this stage and was my first live grand final and the old man took me which was good of him because he was a bears supporter hahaha.

      5th is 2011 grand final, and 2011 in general where from memory we went undefeated at fortress Brookdale and the year I converted the missus from supporting geelong in the afl to becoming a full fledged mwse member. That year couldn't have worked out better for my claims to her that manly is the greatest club in the nrl.

      Ahhhhhh memories....
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      • cherry_poppins

        cherry_poppins Well-Known Member

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        Mine have been moments captured in time over the last few years


        Tigers winning by not much with the seconds ticking down, Ox does a strange kick and Brett Stewart steals the bouncing ball from Benji to win


        DCE's second try in the NRL, Foran banana kick to again Snake who dive passes to DCE for a freakish try


        Canberra, Cuthbo sent from the field for no particular reason 20 minutes in and coming away with a gutsy win


        Beaver scores in the 08 gf, unlike most beaver was never my personal favorite, pre super league it Mark Carroll and post super league it was first Monaghan then snake now DCE, but that try, i cri evertyme


        Lyon seals the 8th premiership, watched it with a lot of manly fans and one frustrating warriors fan who kept making irritating noises, had been over working and stressed with my now ex for stealing half of my house (never worked one day in 8 years nor cooked or even had babies), i teared up a little at the end in an overflowing of emotion
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        • Killer03

          Killer03 Well-Known Member

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          There are so many:

          Number 1 for me is 40 nil. It was just so unexpected. I was hoping that we could put on a good show, and I didn't even dare dream we could win it. But to just annihilate the scum....perfection. Added to that Beavers try, and Robbos hattrick!

          Number 2: the comeback against the Rabbitohs in 2013. That was just brilliant. At 14-0 down and having been written off by everyone all week, I was sitting there thinking...;dear god, this is like 2012 when the storm pumped us 40-12'. But then Killer just got stuck into everyone and to see the rabbitohs with that look on their faces....

          Number 3: The big signings. As these heralded in our rebirth from the Northern Eagles debacle. And I'm first talking about BK, as this showed our seriousness to become a force again, and then Killer as he was the missing piece of the puzzle.

          Number 4: I think it was 2006 when we beat the Tigers with a long kick from Orford and Snake jumped over the top of Marshall to win the game. In fact there's a whole host of these last ditch wins (v Cronulla in 2011 when Killer chipped for Oldfield, a couple against the Broncs, and the Eels)

          Number 5: We beat the Sharks in 2008 and were leading about 20-0 after 20mins. The Sharks tied us that year for points, so were actually a very good team. And I remember before the game being a bit nervous, and then afterwards thinking 'we could actually win the comp this year'. It was the game where I finally realized that Glenn Stewart was world class.
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          • Gib the Pom

            Gib the Pom Active Member

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            Being a brand new fan in the context of some of yourselves who discuss moments from the 70's, 80's and 90's and have been lifelong fans some of these may be minor moments and appear slightly random, but since becoming a Manly fan these are the moments that have stuck with me -

            5) The Foz banana kick that Stewart flicked up to DCE was freakish. I had only been a fan from 2009, just before Stewart had the horror 2 years - and when I first saw him play he was one of the reasons I became a Manly fan, so I was desperate to see him play properly instead of on the clips from youtube and after waiting so long he didn't dissapoint, this was my first Snake wow moment.

            4) Battle of Brookvale. Obviously with Melbourne being massive rivals not only because of the history, but becasue they were real premiership contenders in 2011 as well this was a crunch match with the play-offs round the corner. Simply one of the best matches I've ever seen, absilutely brutal, the hits and the fight, and of course the win. Manly's will to win was awesome that night.

            3) 2013 Preliminary Semi v Souths. We hadn't beaten Rabbitohs or the Roosters in that season despite some extremely frustrating matches where we came so close and just couldn't get the rub of the green, inclusing the 4-0 loss against Roosters. Especially after the start we made, to come back and finally get the win against all odds when we had been written off and everyone wanted the Souths v Roosters GF - was arguably the proudest I have been of Manly that night (or morning for me in the UK) after taking the long route to the final.

            2) 2011 GF. Nothing beats success, and it was my first taste of it as a Manly fan. Classic Snake with the first try, the Gifty grubber, the Hoppa flick pass, and Lyon sealing the win with Robbo taking the kick.

            1) 2009 World Club Challenge v Leeds. This was the game where I became a Manly fan. I am from St. Helens in the UK, so obviously a St.Helens fan, Leeds had beaten us for the second year running in the GF the year before and I really hated them. When Manly rolled in to town and beat them with such style I was hooked. The watmough try was brilliant even if a tad forward, the Perry v Peacock fight, the way Snake glided round the field, and also with Killer in the team who you had signed from us a few years ago, well he was just the best player I had seen play in my lifetime and not much has changed. So it's my favourite because it was the start of my 3rd sporting love affair (alongside St. Helens Rugby League and Liverpool Football Club).
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            • mjb136

              mjb136 MWSE fanatic Premium Member

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              Someone else wrote about the gifty grubber to robbo in 2011 GF, I'm adding that as my 6th. That was freaking epic. no other player would have the balls nowadays to make that play.
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              • Dan

                Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                In no particular order.

                Penrith game in around 2006 where the original AE/Silvertails crew all got together on the hill, great day.

                2008 Grandfinal, watching it with the insane @Snoweagle in Hervey Bay, great day especially after the pain of 2007. Specifically Beavers try, I get goosebumps every time I watch it (I have included this clip in the videos you now see at the bottom of the page)

                2011 grand final, sitting with the MWTS when Warriors were starting to fight back, we had a drop out on our line and the Manly chant went up, you could feel it, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up and you could see the players react to it on the field.

                Sitting at North Sydney oval watching Manly v Souths in the battle for the spoon, just a fantastic atmosphere that was worth watching and being a part of

                Wolfmans last minute try against brisbane in 2012 at Suncorp to win the game

                Really I could keep going, but those ones stand out mainly because we were among friends for many and were just so memorable. These are recent times too, there were so many from older days.

                Another one was the touch footy day that we arranged in the first years of AE's life. We mentioned in passing to Brett Stewart at the club we were doing it and he immediately said he and Glenn would be there, we didnt believe them, but they turned up along with a lot of other people and it was a really awesome day.

                Honourable mentions need to go to the Jye Mullane Stand :)
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                • mosto

                  mosto I have a well known member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                  Being out in the bush, I don't get see as many live games as I'd like, so most of my best memories are from games (or events in the case of #4) I've attended.

                  5. My first ever game at Brookie. 1996 v Warriors on a Friday night. I'd never experienced an atmosphere like it. I think there was 18,500 there. Their big prop, Gavin Hill it may have been, hit one of our guys high and was lucky to stay on the field. The crowd was still booing when he hit the next bloke to take a hit up. He hit the shoulders and slipped up slightly to the chin (just considered a good hit in those days), but with last hit fresh in everyone's mind, the joint exploded. Kelvin Jeffes, who was a northern beaches local I believe, looked around at the crowd and you could see him think "If I don't do something I'm not getting out of here in one piece", and he sent Hill off. Later on, Craig Innes made a break down the western touchline and was so close the cover defence only had to breath on him to put him over. The cover had a good shot on him but he stuck out the right hand with one of the best fends I've seen, stopped the defender dead and didn't budge off his running line an inch to go over in the corner.

                  4. Winning tickets to the 2011 awards night. Having never met any of the players, getting the opportunity to meet and speak to guys like Gift, DCE, Robbo etc for 10-15 min each was a real thrill.

                  3. 1995 prelim final v Knights. It was late in the game and while we were ahead, we were running on empty and the Knights were coming hard. We'd just defended a set on our own line and got a 20m tap. Nik Kosef was down in back play with a knee injury. We were playing out a set that was going nowhere, with Kosef watching it all as the trainer worked on him. On about the 3rd or 4th tackle, he'd seen enough, pushed the trainer aside and sprinted the 20 or so metres to the play, screamed for the ball and smashed into the Knights defence, making 20m or so. The rest of the team just switched up a gear after that and I believe that single act gave the team the lift they needed to get over the line. If it wasn't for his constant knee problems, I believe we'd be speaking about Kosef as one of the all-time greats. Tough as nails with great skills.

                  2. 2011 Grand Final. Nothing beats being there when winning the GF. The grubber from Gift his own side of half way which eventually led to the DCE try was a highlight.

                  1. 2008 GF. 40-0. Being only metres away from the great Beaver when he scored his last try in Manly colours definitely the highlight.

                  Notable mentions, which I only watched on TV.

                  The much replayed clip of Harragon getting knocked out when trying to blindside Spud Carroll on the kick off. After all the battles they had, that wrapped it up. Game, Set, Match Carroll!

                  1987 GF v Canberra. I was alive in 78, but only just, so 87 was the first GF I saw us win. Cliffy's cross field chip for Snoz O'Conner to score the highlight for me. While the teams of the mid 90's and current era were/are probably better all round teams. The attacking ability of that 87 team was the best I've seen. They could, and did, score from anywhere on the park.
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                  • southsideeagle

                    southsideeagle Well-Known Member Premium Member

                    +523 /13
                    Moment No 1 40 to 0 ..say no more
                    Moment No.2 Bobby Fultons tries in semi against dragons
                    Moment No 3 70 to 7 (?) win over Penrith ... mainly remember Wombat that day
                    Moment No 4 watching johnny Gibbs at Brookie .. must have been '75
                    Moment No 5 '11 grand final .. as said above ..nothing like being there.. also because I was with my Mum and son and shared a great moment together
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                    • globaleagle

                      globaleagle Je saisis mon chapeau. Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                      As this list is about best moments of supporting Manly...not all are going to be about games (that would be titled most memorable game/game moments) -

                      Now I've clarified my definition (your honour).....

                      In no particular order:

                      1) Finding the Manly website and finally realising that I could a) Become a member, and b) Order heaps of cool stuff online. Although it's embarrassing how long it took me to find all this...it was a real bonus to be able to be part of the Manly family when not living in Sydney.

                      2) Finding this site ( @Dan .) Being o/s, having such a great fan site like this one is a joy to be able to visit and post on (most time - 50/50 when it's the off season.) When you're not on facebook nor twitter it's amazing how little people reply to emails (looking at you family and so called friends). Emails are the new snail mail. Unless they are visiting then it's emails galore! So it's great to have interaction with other fans.....esp since most of you are crazy.

                      3)Going to my first brookie game in 2011 v the warriors and sitting in the dugout.

                      4) Beaver's GF try.

                      5) 2008 and 2011 gf wins (well all gf wins obviously!)

                      + 1000 honourable mentions of special games/tries/people I've met/support I've gotten re mother.

                      party on Manly!
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                      • WESTIE

                        WESTIE Well-Known Member

                        +504 /15
                        Apart from ones already mentioned the comeback against the chooks at brookie with the craig innes charge down...the feeling was electric....have never seen the crowd react as they did...I think everyone around us was jumping.....the game was shown today on fox.
                      • Shoe1

                        Shoe1 Well-Known Member

                        +7,210 /106
                        1) watching the 78 GF replay at school in 4th class.

                        2) in the early-mid 80s at brookie, watching us put 60 on Canberra. When the score was in the 40s, the crowd chanted "50, 50 etc". When the score reached 50 the crowd chanted "60, 60" and we got there.

                        3) 2008 grand final. We're back baby.

                        4) Phil Blake

                        5) beaver
                      • Chip and Chase

                        Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                        +8,599 /80
                        In no particular order, (well chronological actually if you must know)

                        '78 Finals Series. - this was my first finals series that I can remember as a fan. To an 11 year old kid it seemed like Manly were playing every couple of days, which they were. Remember watching the GF and feeling kind of strange when it was a draw, until we relaised they had to do it all again in 3 days. Rode my bike like a madman after school finished to listen to the radio covergae of the replay game with my best mate (Manly fan as well). We whooped it up big time in his kitchen when the siren went. I certainly didn't have an appreciation back then of what that side went through to win that title, but a first GF win for any fan is always memorable. It's almost unfathomable when you really think about what that side did to win that year. There will never be a more courageous side pull on the Maroon and White in my book.

                        Phil Blake '83 - What an electrifying player he was and what a season he had that year. As you can guess by my forum ID I was a big fan of the King of Chip & Chase.- P Blake. Pity that season ended so miserably for us against the Slime (again)

                        Season '95 - The Manly side of '95 were like a machine. As a fan you just knew that they were going to win just about every time they turned out. I think we started the season with 15 or 16 wins in a row and then dropped a couple, then went through to the GF without a loss again. I still have nightmares about our choke in the GF to the Dogs that year, I thought we were morals given how much we dominated that year (no thanks to Eddie Ward though). The pack we had that year was awesome and as a unit could be argued to be one our best ever forward packs Manly have fielded. Backs weren't too shabby either. Good times to be a fan.

                        2002/2003 - Ding dong the witch is dead. We're back bably !!!!!

                        2008 GF - Who doesn't love this match ?. Having sat through 2007 and watched Snake get smashed and our slim hopes evaporate along with it, this was a chance at redemption. Not for a moment did I think we were certs, even with Cameron Smith out for the Scum. But a perfect Maroon and White storm erupted that day and just destroyed Melbourne. What a feeling it was to watch your side completely dominate an opponent in a GF. I had Beaver as last try scorer and when he went off I thought I'd done my dough. Then Matai goes down and the great man dons the headgear runs onto the field straight into a backline move to score a try in his farewell game. Didn't I jump around like a madman. Unfortunately Belly put paid to that about 2 minutes later LOL. Who cares though 40-0. Love it.
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                        • zambuck

                          zambuck Active Member

                          +112 /1
                          my memorable moments were 1972 first grand final win what a day a classy side with a good touch of junior class.
                          bozo s demolition of Cronulla in both the grand final and replay the best player I have ever seen was bozo and as a follower of 60+ years I have not seen a better player with his dedication to fitness and attitude. our 40 nil thrashing of Melbourne a champion team beating a team of champions, talk about the great beaver retiring and the last try result Fantastic

                          Manly Forever we will never give up
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                          • Moondog

                            Moondog What's up Darth? Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                            +5,260 /51
                            Beavers GF try, Rick Chisholm scoring all the points on his debut against Cronulla at Brookie in 1980 (2 tries, five goals, 1 field goal), Bozo in our first GF win, Terry Randall ironing out Dallas Donnelly in the 1978 preliminary final, any number of Brett Stewart tries...
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                            • SeaEagleRock8

                              SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                              +10,554 /215
                              A lifetime of highlights but some that spring to mind …

                              1. Meeting members of the team. I was lucky to be at a BBQ at Narrabeen headquarters in 2011, and in 2012 I splashed out on a Gold Wings membership (one-off unfortunately) and went to a cocktail function and the awards night. Robbo, Snake, King, Joe, Matty Ballin, Brent Kite, Foz, even Tooves, everyone more than happy to talk tactics and give insights into the life of a Sea Eagles player, and just share a joke. I told Steve Matai I was scared of him and he cracked up laughing. It really added to my enjoyment of being a fan, not to mention they all seemed really decent blokes.

                              2. 2008 Brookie semi against St George, sitting in Fulton-Menzies as the Great Beaver charged down a kick, sprinted stumbled head-butted the ball and scored a famous try right in front of us, which set us on course for a record breaking finals run. Dragons were in it for a while but the crowd erupted. I erupted!

                              3. Manly v Knights, 2011 Knights home game, sitting high in their new multi-million dollar grandstand, we watched Gift throw a cut-out to Killer virtually from the kick-off, he sprinted away and Wolfman finished it off. We were laughing our heads off all afternoon as Manly went on to thrash the home team, some very quiet Knights fans all around us.

                              4. Manly v Knights 2013 Been at a work conference that weekend and a lot of my workmates were Knights fans so a trip to Brookie was proposed on the way home. They were in a corporate box in Jane Try and I said I'll be on the hill, and I laughed and waved and sent provocative text messages all game as Manly racked up a 30-nil whitewash.

                              5. Manly v Broncos at Suncorp, the rally towel game was an hilarious and joyous event for a strong contingent of Sea Eagle travelling supportahs

                              (I wasn't there, but like most I'll never forget Beaver's try in the unbelievable 2008 grand final, and I put Wolfman's effort in the 2013 final against Souths up there as well)
                            • Loobs

                              Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

                              +9,066 /306
                              5. 2007 GF. Copping it the whole game from the people around us. Just a horrible night but without feeling that, 2008 would not have been so sweet. Didn't lose faith in the off season. Got to attend the 2008 season launch and sat in on a team photo which I have framed.

                              4. 2008 quarter final at Brookie against St George. Bogey team at the time. Starting to get antsy...

                              3. 2008 Prelim Final against Warriors. Best attacking footy I've seen in that second half.

                              2. 40-0

                              1. Going to pick up my 2009 membership from HQ and getting a pic with the trophy.
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                              • winnyason

                                winnyason Well-Known Member

                                +1,088 /76
                                The 97 comeback v chooks i agree, craig innes amazing player what a fend. To think because of superleague he never put on a kiwi jumper.
                                * the mid 90s team so dominant, ridge, kosef, beaver, gartner, toovs, cliffy, jimmy serdaris, spud, tezza, innes.
                                3 minors, 1 premiership.
                                * the culture amazing winning era from 70s to now.
                                * the first game i seen snake v sharks we lost, thought we had very special kid. Had speed then, now passing, position play defensive plays. A all time great. Seen hime run down slater at brookie in 2006
                              • rifraff

                                rifraff Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                                +799 /21
                                So much passion for this club. We almost lost it. So when the Northern Eagles became Manly once again was an amazing day.
                              • Manly To Win!

                                Manly To Win! Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                                +190 /2
                                In no particular order:

                                2008 GF
                                2011 QF vs Cowboys at SFS - down 8-0 at HT we end up thrashing them 42-8, running riot in the last 10 minutes.
                                2012 Rd.10 vs Brisbane at Suncorp - last minute try by Wolfman wins the game after a quality encounter
                                2014 vs Knights at Brookvale - watched DCE's last second FG go right between the posts from right behind the posts - low quality game with outstanding comeback.
                                2011 vs Sharks - tied 13-all on the last play of the game, Lyon grubbers to Oldfield who scores in the corner and DCE kicks the sideline conversion for good measure.

                                Honorable mention - one of my earliest memories of being at a football match is a Northern Eagles match vs Warriors at Brookvale, rd.25 2002. I remember standing with my mother underneath the Southern Grandstand as it was pouring all game. We were fighting to get into the 8 and the Warriors were at the top. Shayne Dunley scores the matchwinner with a few minutes left and for the time being we were looking good for the finals. Won't mention what happened the next week.

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