What are our chances?

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I would have to say we are no better than a 50/50 chance of beating the Raiders down there.

It would help if we had a playmaking 5/8 who could kick goals and tackle though.

I am looking forward to next year when we finally get a half back who can create some attack for us. We really lacked attacking options again tonight and most of our tries came from individual efforts.

Our defence was better than against the sharks but we still looked vunerable when the opposition gets to within 10 metres of our line. We simply cannot defend close to the line.
I'm still hoping. Especially if the Eels can beat the Raiders tomorrow. If BK has a glimmer of a chance to show up in Canberra, he'll play.
I only saw the second half but I thought we put in defensively big time! Our lack of creative play meant we just couldn't finish off.

We are a chance but on what I have seen this ending is going to be as bad as the season where the NE lost to Penrith in the last game.

Manly have shown nothing to inspire any confidence that we can go down there and win.
In my opinion if Witt plays Manly will win - it's clear that Monaghan can't run things by himself.

It's funny, when Manly were winning we had Witt playing, then we lose 2 games (Bulldogs & Dragons) and he gets dropped.
Mata, where did hear hear BK was out? He had concussion i assume but that bloke probably will be back next week.

For us to win we need to stop playing forwards at 5/8.. get a real one.. and put Beaver back to the trio of a backrow.. which is how we started the season.

Were all eels supporters today.. lets hope the raiders lose today so it can be easier for us to beat them next week. (theyll have nothing to play for)
Were all eels supporters today.. lets hope the raiders lose today so it can be easier for us to beat them next week. (theyll have nothing to play for)


very true Kaza, the slimes will have my support today. As for our season, well we still have a heart beat and whilst there is signs of life I will have hope. We may be on life support but I for one will not be turning off the heart/lung machine just yet.
If Parra win I wonder if Jason Smith will miss last game. I think he is playing injured at the moment so if they have nothing to play for why risk him. Might be our only chance
Peter said this morning that knowing Bk he will play against the raiders. Noting seems to be able to stop him (thinkfully). If only we could clone another 16 of him.
Wonder if the Raiders hate us more than they hate the Roosters (Ricky and Finch & Joel being there and all) Will have to wait until Raiders team is announced later in the week I guess
We are by FAR the worst team going on form in the competition right now. I just don't understand how you people STILL actually hope after 9 from 10 losses.

Des Hasler inspires FEATS of mediocrity. As the "golden boy" he was labelled at a sponsors luncheon, he will be there win / lose or DRAW.
Parramatta have done us a big favour in beating the Raiders yesterday.

The simple fact is that we have everything to play for and the Raiders have nothing. We should win.

But it wouldn't surprise me that if BK doesn't play that we could get beaten like we did against Penrith when Sharp was coach.

Then on the other hand we could win easily as I expect the Raiders players, fans and coaching staff will spend the entire 80 minutes laughing their heads off at the fact that we took monaghan off theoir hands and are playing his as our number 1 playmaker.

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