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What annoys me!

Canteen Worker

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Jul 15, 2004
One of the things that really gets up my nose is the control that Fox/Channel 9 seem to have over League.

The only real winner of the SuperLeague War was these two entities.

It seems that the major decisions made suit these two rather than what is best for the game.

There is no Saturday telecast of any League game on the ABC and there is not Friday night radio broadcast allowed by 9.

What goads me is that Rugby Union is broadcast nationally on Saturday on the ABC and of course AFL is on free to air telly all weekend. AFL is broadcast on Friday night and rates highly.

Subscription rates for Pay TV are only very average and yet these TV interests control the game - kids and others are left with little coverage and on Saturday night the ABC is broacasting the Waratah Home games instead of the League.

Sponsorship money is the big deal but I am sure that the NRL (if they weren't a front for News) could organise a deal that allowed for improved national exposure. The game is dying in many areas and some attention is needed. Interest is high.

If the AFL can allow their game to be shown broadly on free to air and radio broadcasts for all games, there is no reason why the League could not negotiate for these things when the new agreement is reviewed shortly??? :boho: :boho: :boho:

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