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What about the positives??

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by MK Eagle, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. MK Eagle

    MK Eagle Well-Known Member

    +247 /0
    OK - its official we are losing a star impact player but what else does it mean???
    Great chance of keeping MB & maybe luring other talent like big Manu & more quality youngsters to Manly.
    The culture & recent results at the club seems to have many players keen to join the Seaeagles also so while 1 big unit walks out the door, theres more opportunities to get a start & more money to do so.
    Though dissappointing its simply part of footy & by next season when the Seaeagles are flying & have unearthed another star or 2 all will be forgotten. The only person who will regret this imo is big T Rex himself.
  2. torana355

    torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +2,093 /36
    Exactly right, there are plenty of young players that want to win a premiership and raise their asking price and they know Manly is the place to do it. Manly goes on.
  3. Masked Eagle

    Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

    +976 /0
    I'm not sure about Sika Manu to be honest. He made his debut in 2007 and only averages about 10 games per season. Can't seem to string more than 2 games in a row before getting injured. If we do have a little bit of money left, and I'm not sure it as much as we hope because of T-Rex leaving, I wouldn't be against some longer term planning with more signings in the mould of Michael Chee-Kam as opposed to trying to land a big name.
  4. tookey

    tookey Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +5,783 /186
    Don't want Manu as he is old and injury prone. Rather we keep Lussick now and but a few good young impact forwards
  5. MK Eagle

    MK Eagle Well-Known Member

    +247 /0
    The attraction to Manu is simply his aggressive presence & proven in the NRL- though a little overrated, your probably very correct on his asking price with so many quality up & coming players as better options.
    Also agree on Kam Chee - looks a really handy prospect.
  6. Phantar

    Phantar Well-Known Member

    +273 /0
    Yes, thank God that's over with. Now they can crack on with re-signing Ballin, Snake, D.Williams, Foran Snr (if that hasn't already happened), Oldfield and Larcy Dussick? Not to mention Taufua, Robinson, Skinner and co., if necessary. Players who want to represent Manly-Warringah.
  7. Clint

    Clint . Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +2,172 /34
    Hey MK,

    Not sure if you can comment or not but any word on Lussick?
    Is he already gone or are we still in with a show?
  8. Eagle1188

    Eagle1188 Active Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +194 /12
    Agree Phantar, lets get on with it, we have lots of our players we need to sign up, then we can look at extending our roster, we still have Shackelton waiting in the wings for $175k as well, also well done to Perry for sticking to the budget for the good of the club
  9. MK Eagle

    MK Eagle Well-Known Member

    +247 /0
    Hey Clint

    The info I gave you AT the time was 100% accurate - his intentions were to stay with Manly his priority.

    The Lussick situation has been a delicate situation & imo effected his game since. I have nothing else on this sorry mate.
  10. Eaglette Fan

    Eaglette Fan Active Member

    +55 /1
    When you look at the following highlights of TRex, there ain't many positives for Manly with his imminent departure.

  11. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

    +972 /7
    He can be a massive handful for the opposition. The one I didn't see on that 'reel' was his barnstorming try against the Tiges that firstly and finally made us take notice.
  12. Top End Eagle

    Top End Eagle Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +2,062 /136
    Has anyone got a TRex low-light reel for us all to watch? You know where he looks at a bloke running past him to score or is caught out trying to turn and chase someone who stepped straight through where he should have been.

    That would make us all feel a bit better and the footage available to compile such a clip would outnumber the highlight reel stuff three to one.

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