What a Difference a Few Months Makes

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The last time we played the Broncos we were riding high with them as the top two on the table. The doubters were waiting for us to stumble, the media (with help from our players) was pumping us up and Manly supporters rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were dreaming

Sadly the bubble well and truly burst that fateful evening and one poster on this forum was heard to say - Men against boys. We were blown away in a half of football and whilst we won the second half our pretensions as a really top team were exposed.

We have played some patches of good footy since then but now are teetering at the edge of the precipice, struggling to avoid the slide of death!!!!

Has anything changed since we last faced the Broncos? The last three games have shattered the Fortress Brookie myth and so I wonder if it is going to be more of the same for the Sea Eagles this weekend. Our new star in Choc Watmough remains sidelined with a knee injury.

Round 22 could be the first weekend that the Sea Eagles are out of the 8 all year. It could be ugly and I fear for the result. :(


Reserve Grader
I also fear this match . I also fear that a lot of supporters will choose to stay home & watch this match on channel # 9. I'll be at the game & hopeful of a respectable effort all round. How things have changed from 6 weeks ago. I recall hearing on the radio a few weeks back about a league fan who backed Manly 6 weeks back with Centrebet to miss the top 8 at the juicy odds of 40/1.I wonder what the odds would be now. Realistically I believe our only chance of making the finals is to record victories over the Knights ( away ) & the Warriors ( home ).


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I just can't see a way that we can this match, The thought of Webcke, Thorn & Ceevonaceeeva running at our pack of forwards is frightening. Lockyer v Harris, on paper is the mismatch of the season.

My half full glass is currently leaking like a sieve with no signs that the leaks can be fixed.


It's been an interesting few months since that night.

Anthony Watmough got to play Origin.
Ben Kennedy and Steve Menzies had blinders in Origin.
Matt Orford signed.
Steve Bell signed.
Ashley Alberts has been discovered.
Brett Stewart extended his contract.
Scott Donald has been released.
Mark Bryant has proved himself to be a handy prop.
New shorts sponsor
Chad Randall has been shown the door.

Monaghan re-signed.
King is still around.
Sam Harris is the current 5/8.
Chad Randall is still in firsts.
Cuthbertson, Taylor and Ballin are yet to taste first grade at Manly.
Some interference from a fan with a lot of money.
The recent poor form has seen the season balance out to where most expected.

"I can't live the button-down life like you. I want it all! The terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles!"
Ok I will get ready to duck for cover here but I would suggest that if this game looks like going the same way as the 1st time we played the Bronco's this year the sooner we get Kennedy & Beaver off the field the better. If and only if we are a fair way behind at half time we would be better of protecting as many of our top players as possible for a good chance at winning 3 of the last 4 games.


UFO Hunter
Id like to see king play a full half of football. Maybe in total. So 40 mins of the field. Or maybe we could step it up a bit and he can play a full half without a break. Perhaps then we can see what he is really made of.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I don't want to see King play a full half in his current form. We leaked like a sieve when he was on last weekend. Get him fit and then see what he can do.

Not many props play a full half these days and if he is injured it is the last thing I want to see!


With all this negative expectation placed on the team you never know we might be pleasantly surprised.
I've found the most enjoyable victories are the ones you don't expect to win.
As much as Sam Harris at 5/8 is out of left field, I'm sure Des has done his homework (being an ex-teacher and all!). I think it's good that changes have been made- it's better than sticking with the team not getting the job done.

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