Well done Des

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Manly looked a lot more structured in attack tonight - more variety, a mixture of overs and unders, a semblence of a game plan and a lot of ticker shown in defence against a team that shredded the Broncs last week.

Using Robertson and Menzies was a master-stroke. Credit where credit is due!


Journey Man
Menzies was atrocious I thought.

And don't get too cocky. NQ didn't get out of 2nd gear and kicked back to 1st after Payne was carried off.


Reserve Grader
I agree, the only thing I didn't understand was why he put Stephenson on the bench .... would have rather had another forward on their ... Cuthbertson actually.


First Grader
we still lost no matter how u look at it.

but I guess I am a little more confident than last week.


Its time Dessie finally decides who he wants in the team and sticks with it. These are not trial games and we are starting to fall too far behind. Menzies in the centres tonight had to be one of the worst positional changes Dessie has made. Why weaken a key position to bolster another?
We need Balin at hooker, Monahan at 5/8 and Cuthberson on the bench instead of Williamson.


Reserve Grader
I'd rather Burns at 5/8th, Monaghan starting hooker and then Ballin off the bench. He adds a lot more versatility as he can play both hooker and in the second row. Cuthbo instead of Williamson as well. Imagine this bench:

14. Ballin
15. Cuthbertson
16. Leuluai
17. Rose (Bryant gets the starting position ahead of Princess)


Journey Man
Burns at five eighth for the entire game. Ballin to start and Monas on the bench.

The way Burns plays he'll be looking at several suspensions this year anyway.......


Journey Man
NEW FLASH CANTEEN !!! 15-17 !!! Yeah - wello done Des Hasler. Are you serious dude? You must enjoy losing. Beaver had a shocker, King was disgraceful AS USUAL. Orford dissapointed again.

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My post was not related to winning or losing - it was that Saturday was a step in the right direction. What cruelled us was our lack of discipline, a few errors and some 50/50 calls that went against us.


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Menzies had the worst game I have ever seen him play.

He no longer has the speed to play in the centres.

Ridiculous when you consider we had a centre on the bench (Stephenson) and a centre on the wing (Hicks).

Playing Menzies in the centres is the same sort of conservative thinking that had us playing Sam Harris and Menzies at 5/8 last year.

Quite frankly our selectors are going to have to show a bit more imagination and confidence in the future, or we are going to be average at best.


Journey Man
Meaney can play centre and can read the game very very well.

he is being wasted on the wing in PL

The dragons blooded a young hooker who was in Flegg last year, im sure meaney can do the same


First Grader
NEW FLASH CANTEEN !!! 15-17 !!! Yeah - wello done Des Hasler. Are you serious dude? You must enjoy losing. Beaver had a shocker, King was disgraceful AS USUAL. Orford dissapointed again.

Ryan here you go again. What does the Orford comment have to do with Des?? Do you want Orford dropped now or was his signing Des' fault.


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I guess it points out that The Messiah may not win us a comp as many expected.

You also require a creative coach. That can also get the best out of the players.

I know at least one person here would disagree though :wall:


First Grader
I have seen the furture and can tell you what happens:

1. Stewart
2. Stephenson
3. Bell
4. Hicks
5. Robertson
6. Burns
7. Orford
8. Kite
9. Ballin
10. Rose
11. Beaver
12. Watmough
13. Kennedy

14. Monas
15. Lulu
16. Bryant
17. Cuthbo

Coach: Ryan

In what was Ryans first game as replacement coach for the pathetic Des Hasler he ustilised all 12 interchanges within the first 8 minutes of play. In the second minute of the game Adam Cuthbertson was sent on to replace Michael Roberston on the wing.

Manly finished the game with only 8 players on the park. Ryan was unhappy with most performers and as he had run of substitutes he simply decided to pull the players off the field.

It's understood Ryan will confront the NRL this week with his drastic proposal of UNLIMITED INTERCHANGE ALONG WITH THE PRE GAME SELECTION OF UNLIMITED PLAYERS.

The NRL decides to go against the rule change citing that Ryan would have more player changes than points were scored in the Canberra V Newcastle game last week.

Ryan argued his point by stating that the NRL had made no significant inroads with rule changes in the last year, suggesting that 68.3457% of players in the game wanted the change. It is not quite understood where the % came from, but Ryan guaranteed the NRL that with his vast banking experience the figure was correct.

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