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Half way through the comp and a long way to go but there are very good signs already that we have a team able to stake a claim.

In the contenders we have beaten the Sharks, Roosters, Bulldogs and Storm with a close losses against the Cowboys and Dragons.

Time for some controversy.
When I look at the solid team we have built up over the last 2 years it is the following who are delivering this year:
BK1, BK2, Bryant, Monas, Beaver, Choc, Ox, Burns, Bell and Brett Stewart. New year but, with the exception of Kite, it is the same players who do it every week for us. I could throw in Matai who really stepped up but is now back to his defensive lapses since being hailed as a future Kiwi international.

What of the rest? They are below the top level but are playing as a united team. Dependable are Hicks and Robertson; Rose has improved and Stephenson in the lower grades as an able replacement.

Then comes the also rans and time to be harsh. This is where I believe the club should be looking at recruitment options come July 1:
Dunley, King, Leuluai, Williamson and Witt.

In the run home we have the following should win games:
Bunnies x 2, Eels, Roosters and Sharks. That puts us on 28 points with the Bye and probably a finals berth.
We get the Knights, Broncos and Dogs at home and the toughies will be Knights and Storm away.

I wonder how important that first round disgrace against the Raiders will affect our overall placement on the ladder at season's end. All the same we look a good chance for a finals spot, probably in the bottom 4 of the 8. When we have the top team together we look very, very impressive.

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Eels, Roosters, and Sharks are away I wouldn't be counting them as 'should' win games. Especiallly Eels/Sharks we haven't beaten those teams away in a long, long time.

Basically we have to win all out home games IMO and win 50% of away games

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Anyone remember the Sharks game last year????? Not one of our best performances.

The club is still trying to flog off jerseys from that ill-fated match.


MB i think your summation re players is spot on, hopefully the likes of Lyon and Pritchard etc can fill some of those "also ran" positions.

For mine the jury is still out on Burns, while he tries his guts out so its hard to be critical, i still think the good sides have big 5/8s these days in an Fittler mold.

mayby he could build up and be the second hooker/utility in a Craig Wing type role??


I am a fan of Travis Burns.. While he isn't setting the world on fire there are some great signs there in my opinion.

He is tough, he is a tackling machine, he is young and will develop a great football brain outside the ox, he is another kicking option and he can kick conversions.

Prolly won't see the best of him til later in the year or maybe even next year.. but he has a real future in the 6 at manly in my opinion


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disagree on a few fronts.

Orford is going ok but if that is delivering for 450K a year then monas is great value at 240K.

Id put him in the average catagory as i would King who on this years form (bar the first 2 games) hardly needs replacing.

Kite has only come strong in the last month or two - started out fairly average and along with watmough managed plenty of dropsies.

Burns in the average department in the same way as robbo - both playing above expectations.

Its hard to say rose has improved 2 good games, 1 average and 1 woeful

willo hasnt offered much in attack alhtough has been better in the last couple of games. Does the job asked by the coach.

I would also mention Glenn stewart has shown a big imrpovement in attack and a great work ethic.

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