Wayne Bennett

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I know most don't really care, I don't care much either but its a good topic non the less.

After years and years of blaming origin. After last season sacking all his coaching staff and labelling them as the problems, has wayne bennett run out of excuses for the Broncos almost perfectly timed form slump at the end of a the season.

I dont think they will win the next 3 Rounds. For those who dont know they are playing in order: Storm, Bulldogs, Eels. Then they come up against the Warriors who almost always make the broncos look like a second rate team for some reason.

If they lose all four ill go as far as saying they won't make the finals. Even the 3 expected losses will make it touch and go.

With a line up over the last 3 - 4 years that I would have thought should collect at least 1 premiership, I think its time to find the real problem, and that won't happen until Bennett is refused the oportunity to pull the wool over the Rugby League Comunities eyes.

However, being a resident of QLD, I love nothing more than the broncos lossing. I'd just like to see bennett take some responsibility for a change.
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Bennett has been a protected species for a long time. Maybe the board need to look at the impact that getting rid of Brian Smith has had on Parra?
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John Lang would do well in Brisbane. Aside from injuries, their next years team is pretty ruthless.
UFO Hunter
It is a shocking stat. One that I would assume Bennett has much trouble protecting.
Journey Man
It is a shocking stat. One that I would assume Bennett has much trouble protecting.

It puts my whingeing about Dessy in the 2nd 1/2 of the season into perspective, doesn't it. Thank crikey we aren't coached by Bennett. 5 years ago, I thought he was one of the best. :doh:
Although, when they were saying on Hey, Hey it's Thursday (Footy Show), that Brisbane were in a slump winning only 2 of their last 7 games, I thought, here we go, Manly are next, because our record is only 3 from our last 7.
That bye was a god send...coz we looked like we were running out of petrol.
Next year without a bye, it will be interesting to see how teams fare. I hear Manly's medical staff are second to none - so we are well served.

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