Watmough for Origon

Journey Man
Blocker has come out supporting Watmough for origon.

His article was posted on another manly site and the general feel is "like there was any doubt"

At this stage i think he is a good chance for city but would have to rip it up every game and city country to get a look in. Usually (unless Wayne really likes you) you need a year of consideration first.
Winging it
Totally nuts if you ask me. It is incredibly hard to break in and you have to be showing great form for more than 3 weeks.
Journey Man
Hence the city gig. He hasnt been tested at rep level. City/country has turned into a blooding game for possible up and comers.

Im suprised there arnt more calling for his inclusion in the Anzac day test.

But seriously we are top of the comp - Beaver, BK, Watmough have been the best back row so far - obviously they need to play for Australia. Kylie is a shoe in for NZ and Stewy with his junior rep should get a look in for Fullback.

Sorry i forgot Monas - after outplaying Orford has to be number 7.

However it will be interesting to see weather BK is chosen and if so he plays, after his comments reacently. To be honest id prefer him to retire and keep smashing the club footy.
UFO Hunter
Is he NSW or QLD at heart? I would love too see him in the side, but on a more selfish note, we really need his hard work right now to build on the promising look of our side. It just so happenes that over the period of the state of origin we start to face the likes of the Roosters, Bulldogs, Panthers, Eels. We need him on deck, but a state of origin position would be great for the bloke.
Journey Man
Wattas is NSW.

I think he would learn a lot and come back a better player - but as you said i would prefer to have him (the way he played against melbourne) in our side against the big guns.

BK has nothing to learn - retire and take us to the 8 or better
UFO Hunter
He has a lot to prove. The fact that he is standing tall without andrew john has shown up a few critics who believed that the heart and soul of Newcastle was barge ass.
If he plays the next 8 rounds the way he is playing now, then he deserves a run. But at the moment it is way too early to be making these calls.
First Grader
He is on fire atm and it's a huge call to play SOO.

It would be great to have at least one player in the team.

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