Was Thorn Offside?

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Didn't really count for anything in the end and it drew no comment from the 9 team but it looked as if Thorn was at least a metre in front of the kicker when he scored his try. Not even a look by the video ref or a comment from anyone. Glad it didn't decide the game.

Minichiello's was a close thing.

Lots of very flat passes from NSW players too that on other days might have been pulled back.
yes.and ty williams did score.18-8 just after half time might have been interesting but no excuses -outgunned tonight.bell for bowman out wide surely.

fitzgibbon is interesting IMO.50 tackles every game but do they sting.got a lot less game time tonight.with kennedy and hindmarsh working the house down do you need another trojan.he is a golden boy but he would not make the run on side in our pack IMO.no doubt i will get howled down by the stats men but i think it should be-on your bike baldy!!game over!
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Thorn was not much more off side than slater a year or 2 ago.

The passing to williams was forward, you caould see by where it started and where it finished. Some will argue that there was momentum - yes a little bit in lockyers but the second pass was from a player standing virtually still. If you were to look at buderus' pass when he got pinged and subtracted his forward momentum as he was at full speed i think you would find very little in it.

As for fitzdribbling the only reason i would have him in the NSW side is for goalkicking, now that johns is back there are better men for the job. I think he would fit in ok on our bench for harris but he wouldnt get a starting spot.
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Thorn wasn't offside from the kick. However in the in goal, slater touched the ball in flight as it was coming down, it then went into thorns hands and he scored. He was ofside from that play, but not the kick.
FITZY had his worst game by his standards, note he was hauled off straight after runing into touch from the kick off.

agree Sue, would look nice on our bench!!hehehe

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