This is going to be a very intriguing battle. Both teams are fairly evenly matched. Wiki and Price v Kite and King, two fairly weak backrows, both have strong center combinations, the halves will cancel eachother out too, and two fullbacks who are very good at sniffing out tries. Very interesting how our strengths and weaknesses are the Warriors strengths and weaknesses too. If there is to be a difference, I think it is: 1. The home ground advantage, and, 2. Choc. Opiniosn guys?

The Wheel
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I am hoping we can maintain our defensive structure, if so we hopefully will frustrate them into errors. Our backline IMO does out rate there significantly so with a good share of the ball we should put some points on them.

Hopefully M Witts defensive frailities are exposed again by his former coach who should know all his weaknesses like the back of his hand.
I think the advantage will be we will have better defence, than they will get into their old habit of throwing it around or trying to go around us and end up making too many mistakes, and we will punish them in the back end of the game.


UFO Hunter
I've watched all three of their games this season. They are very much like us. However their big difference is their intensity.

They get a roll on going and they don't drop off. We might get a roll on for maybe 3 tackles every set. Otherwise we seem content to dummy half it up the field.

Their biggest weakness is on the edges. They defense out wide is positively **** house and I would go so far as saying out wide they are the worst defensive team in the comp.

As long as we can start to work the ball out wider we are in with a shot. Our back line would tear them to threads but it needs a major game plan overhaul to happen. If we stick to the same method that has won us the last 3 games, this one will be our first loss of the season.
Good comments Flip. I think the KEY is for our forwards to get quick play-the-balls, and then for Monas and Burns to get the ball quickly out wide to a flying Lyon/Bell on the run. But can we execute this? It needs to be done better than against the Rooters.
I wonder if Lyon may switch to 5/8 at times so he can run at Witt, did not see all the Warriors Storm game so how did Witt handle Inglis?

The Wheel
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The travel might not help them either, last week in Melbourne, this week Sydney. Hopefully it is a rough flight over as well.


UFO Hunter
Witt is surprisingly going well. The warriors rely on their big men more than their halves. All their back line has good skills so it takes pressure off the halves. He has been given the kicking duties too and an area they fall short on is his accuracy. He consistently fails to get the ball in the right spot to mount pressure. Thats not to say he doesn't get some right so when he does its a worry for us but Stewart should have him covered easily.

The Wheel
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A bit of rain around on Sunday, this might help us as well

Sunday Shower or two.
City: Min: 16 Max: 21


Journey Man
Witt is very poor in attack when his outside player is rushed - ie the umbella defence. once that happens he will do his irish jig on the spot. smash him early and he will be off all game.

Kiwi Eagle

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The huge key for us this weekend is our kick chase, it needs to be spot on. If we go up staggered, McKinnon will carve us up badly, and the forwards are already on a roll after his incising effort, that has been 1 of the keys so far for them

Biggest test of the lot for King, arguably the highest quality front row in the comp, and the backup on the bench is handy too.

We need to really get Bell using his footwork on Hohaia to test him out in defense. Vatuvei is a massive unit that needs to be guarded tightly too

Looking forward to this weekend, easily our biggest test of the season

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Noticed we allowed the Rooters too many offloads last weekend. We cannot let the sheep shaggers do the same. Our defence is stoic, but doesnt necessarily enjoy being run around with 2nd phase plays.

Im hoping our home ground kicking game will get us home this match, so no more out on fulls, & not finding touch.


First Grader
We will not want to give the ball to their fullback. He's in really good form returning, much much better than Mini was last weekend (he had a poor game). Their halves are a problem for them. Witt can't tackle and has been made to look good behind their big forwards. If our forwards hold theirs, we will definitely win. Also, there's a lot of mistakes in the worriers. The fitness of our backrow will be decisive running their big men ragged in the second half. Fitness is the key to this game.


UFO Hunter
Have you seen their games? They have killed the teams they play late in the halves.


Journey Man
I saw last weeks against melbourne and they started ****house giving the storm a 20 point lead and the game fairly quickly.

havnt seen enough to feel they fall off, certainly dont expect them to hit the wall like the roosters did but they have been mistake prone in the past later in the halfs


UFO Hunter
Melbourne would have killed any team last week.

Their other two games showed a lot of composure. The one thing the Warriors have been lacking in recent years.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
They have that history of poor concentration and we will see it again this year. In any case, (IF we are up for a 4th straight win) home ground advantage & our kick game ( !pray: no more poor kicks please) will get us home.

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