Warriors sack Kemp!

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Warriors dump coach Kemp
From correspondents in Auckland
September 8, 2005

NEW Zealand Warriors have sacked coach Tony Kemp and replaced him with his assistant Ivan Cleary.

Kemp had just more than a year in the job after inheriting the side at the end of the 2004 season.

The Warriors finished 11th this season and have seen a handful of players leave the club.

Warriors management confirmed football development manager John Ackland will be the new assistant coach while Kevin Campion completes the coaching team as skills coach.

Kemp had a year remaining on his contract.



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Jeez...See what I mean about ruthless decisions & coaching guys. Kemp had ONE year to get it right.

That said, we're still in 2005, so Des's initial forecasts can only be improved from this point on.


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What IS a contract these days anyway? Sheesh.
I bet his had an out clause from the club saying if they don't make the finals, he can be cleaned out whenever they see fit.

He DID get Price, Wiki, that winger etc.


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This means they will win their first game next season. After that... it'll be like any other side who had their coach saked. The players will continue to put in ****ehouse performances and lose.


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it amazes me how they replace him with cleary,he was assistant coach anyway and would have had some input into coaching aspects.i think u have to lok outside the square sometimes for a replacement.

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I would have made Steve Price Captain Coach as those guys need someone who can lead by example.

Anderson led them to a GF one year and about a year later got the boot.

They always seem to promise a lot but not deliver.

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I thought it was harsh, he had fixed the d up and they were going the right way IMO, but at least it is not a completely wasted year this year with Cleray knowing some of the systems.

Kemp killed himself when he rang up Robert Finch during a game to abuse him LOL

1 of the girls at work came up to me today "I heard the Warriors sacked that hot guy" LOL


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Sharpe went from an assistant coach under Smith at the Eels to Manly as assistant to Fulton. Fulton had hand picked him as his replacement. He took over mid way through 1998 after we lost 6 or 7 on the trot and Fulton resigned.

For me the jury is still out on Sharp as a head coach. He had charge of the NE but the place was a time bomb and doomed to failure, it is hard to apportion how much of the outside influences affected that teams performances during that teams brief life span.

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