Warne- still an idiot

If something is true its true. I dont understand how it can be defamation if its fact.

And Volley I am not just stirring, I am interested in how it can be otherwise so its a genuine query.
I know, it seems like a pretty stupid law, but that's the way it goes.

Truth alone is not a defence for defamation in NSW. It must also be in the public's interest. Public interest aims to shield details of the private life of public figures from disclosure.
Doesnt make a great deal of sense to me, I would have thought if something was able to be proven should be ok, proving it is the tough part though.

I'll take your word for it, Ive got no idea re: that sort of thing, fortunately I have avoided spending time in courtrooms thus far :)

thanks for the explanation.
Volley is correct.

The strict defamation law is applied that you have defamed someone if you have "made their peers think less of them".

Strange though. I had a competitor smearing me with lies and I couldn't mount a case according to the barristers. However, truth can be considered as defamatory in some cases.

Go figure.
making his peers think less of him seems to be this clowns stock in trade,

maybe he can sue himself for defamation :)
That reminds me of the bloke who bought these really expensive cigars and after insuring them against fire proceeded to smoke them and make his claim.
The insurance company took him to court and lost because their was nothing that was said in the insurance papers about smoking them.
Apparently (this could be a wifes tail) the insurance company took the man to court and had up for 12 counts of arson (one for each cigar) and he ended up losing a considerable amount of money with the counter sue. These details could be a little sketchty but I think you get the idea.
I think the "truth" thing has more to do with details of a personal nature that can be used against you.

Eg: If one company made claims that the CEO of a competitor suffered from alcoholism, there could be a defamation suit, even if the allegation were true.
[quote author=The Wheel]
So what was the slur on you Mata?
Alleged tax avoidance, which was incorrect.

The goat thing was true.


Ahh and in some areas of Dubbo that would actually INCREASE your standing among your peers so couldnt be defamation?? starting to get this sorted now :drunk: :drunk:
At least some in Dubbo pay tax. Unlike the ghetto dwellers of frozen Bafurst. ;)

Did you enjoy yesterday's snow fall?
Theres 2 Fs in Baffurst, didnt snow in town, bloddy cold though.

Ive paid $23000 in tax already this year, the public service is wonderful :)
$23,000 in tax?

Imagine what you'd pay without your PS only Employee benefits card and the salary sacrifice going to the car package.

And all that Tax Free TA. :p :p :p

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