want to hear a good joke

lenny beckett-brumbies
tasesa lavea -blues
ben mcdougall-just been picked in the scottish squad

throw them in with past heros like ryan mcgoldrick and sean mcrae and the joke just gets better.

The Wheel

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Clint Eadie (couldn't make P/L squad) killing it in Sydney RU with the Rats (undefeated so far this season in Shute Shield) - has received an offer from new Perth 14 side.

Keep laughing


Kim Jong Dan
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Eadie looked good on saturday as well


and you wonder why they want Braith Anasta!

Becket and Tasesa had the privilage of struggling to play first grade in arguably the weakest Manly/NEagles squad in the history of the Club,

There is no better way than to sum up Rugby Union that to read Sue's post!

as for ben mcdougal!


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On the flip side:

Sam Harris :lol: :lol:

Sam Harris was by no stretch of the imagination a good Rugby Union player. He was on the verge of being dropped from the Waratahs squad, before he came to league. He IMO has been equally as good in both codes.

And sue, Sean McCrae is the Souths coach, I think you are talking about Duncan McCrae.

The Wheel

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I think it would be Duncan.

Add Rocky Elsom - couldn't make it at the Dogs


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I remember watching Craig Innes play a few matches with the Auckland Blues after he left Manly & he would hardly ever get to touch the football.

Players like himself & Wendall Sailor are much more suited to Rugby League than Rugby YAWNion.


jesus, him and Tezza ( 10 years younger ) out on our fringes, then units like danny More and Hoppa on the wing, thats 4 second rowers! no wonder our defence was so good!


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Innes was just a massive boost for us at the time. I have been hoping that Tezza might be able to rekindle his previous efforts and provide the same defense for us now. One game back from injury was a shocker and it is up to him to show what he can do and he did provide the mongrel against the Warriors. !pray:

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