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VRL Round 8

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Nutzcraw, May 2, 2007.

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    Boozehound Coach Comes Out Of Retirement To Pick A Side

    After giving up his team the last 2 weeks Coach nutzcraw has come out of retirement to once again steer his Boozehounds back on track for the 07 Silvertails Cup.

    Coach Craw had this to say "The boys showed some ticker last weekend, we had no kicker and we named about 4 people that didn't play and we only went down by 6 points. I told the boys when I left last time that once they should some heart I would return and they have. SO, we'll see if we can bound together to achieve the common goal again"

    Here is the team for Round 8:

    01. William Zillman
    02. Brett Morris
    03. Matt King
    04. Simon Mannering
    05. Wes Naqaima
    06. Benji Marshall
    07. Grant Rovelli
    08. Shane Shackleton
    09. George Gatis
    10. Bryce Gibbs
    11. Carl Webb
    12. Junior Moors
    13. Ashley Harrison

    14. Jake Webster
    15. Fraser Anderson
    16. Cory Patterson
    17. Jeff Lima

    The changes:

    The big one is obviously the injury to Timana Tahu, this week he has been replaced in the centres by Simon Mannering which brings Ashley Harrison into the starting side with Cory Patterson to the bench.

    Tonie Carroll has been dropped due to poor performances and the fact that Carl Webb has returned earlier than expected from his broken jaw. The coach has opted for two outside backs on the bench and this meant Blake Green has been relegated to Reggies.

    Shane Shackleton has been purchased to perhaps solve the front row dillema that plagues the Boozehounds and he has gone straight into the starting line up. Paul Aiton has been dropped to reserve grade with George Gatis starting and with Shackleton starting Jeff Lima has been put back to the bench.

    Over and Out.

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