VNRL Teams (Round 1)

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The coach of the Burpengary Boozehounds has named his team for the round one clash against CW and his Pie Throwers. The team is most likely to look this way:

01. William Zillman
02. Tony Martin
03. Matt King
04. Timana Tahu
05. Jake Webster
06. Benji Marshall
07. Grant Rovelli
08. Bryce Gibbs
09. George Gatis
10. James Stosic
11. Simon Mannering
12. Carl Webb
13. Tonie Carroll

14. Marshall Chalk
15. Fraser Anderson
16. Scott Logan
17. Paul Aiton
18. Matthew Bell
(one to be omitted)

Coach Crawford is yet to name his captain of the Burpengary Boozehounds for their inaugural year but it is believed Tony Martin, Matt King, Benji Marshall and Grant Rovelli are all in contention to captain the side in it's first game.


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Dancers Announce Round 1 team

Disco-Stu has named a 19 man squad to take on the Reapers in there round 1 clash at the Dancefloor. Of particular note are the inclusions of young Bronco'd 5/8 Joel Moon in the centres and new signing Shaun Kenny-Dowell on the bench.
Coach Disco-Stu warned there was still some tinkering before kickoff "we'll i named a 19 man squad so i have a bit of room to manauvre, Obviously Jeremy Smith and Nathan Friend are pushing for selection on the bench, they have the week at training to prove they are needed"
The Dancers were pleased to note that of there 25 man squad, 20 were avaliable for first grade selection, however there was concern for the wing position "We are a bit short on for wingers and with Mcdonnell injured and Lawrence unavaliable we are concerned that we may only take the field with 12, though we hope that can be avoided"

The Dancers lineup is

1.Joel Reddy
3.Steve Bell
4.Joel Moon
5.Steven Micheals
6.Micheal Holdsworth
7.Matt Orford
8.Roy Asotasi
9.Cameron Smith (C)
10.Ben Ross
11.Ryan Hoffman
12.Clint Newton
13.Greg Eastwood

14.Shaun Kenny-Dowell
15.Ben Pomeroy
16.Brett White
17.Logan Swann
18.Jeremy Smith
19.Nathan Friend


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The Friday on my mind sloths have announced their team for the first round clash with a few late signings jumping straight into the starting 17.

Peter Wallace has stepped into the hole left after Preston campbell moved on last season and Mark Gasnier's injury having performed well in the trials. Kris Kahler has earned a starting spot on the back of some good training and a high work ethic. The experienced Cory Hughes was thrown a life line after nobody wanted him for the 2007 season, he is on match payments for the first 5 rounds and then will have a contract offered should his form warrent it. Young James Mcmanus and Trent Cutler have also pushed their way into the starting 17 and hope to make the most of thier opportunities.

Coach Fluffy is however wary about playing the wooden spoon favourites first up, using Manly's dismal display in round 1 last year as motivation of what can happen if the coach forgets to get his troops ready.

1. Brett Stewart
2. Trent Cutler
3. Luke MacDougall
4. Ashley Graham
5. Neil Sweeney
6. Peter Wallace
7. Todd Carney
13. Todd Lowrie
12. Kris Kahler
11. Matt Bickerstaff
10. Reece Williams
9. Corey Hughes
8. Craig Stapleton

14. James McManus
15. Beau Scott
16. Chris Beattie
17. Ben Galea
New coach of the Runnersup Pigeons Homer J blames a computer glitch for his late start in recruiting his 2007 sqaud, "I thought daylight saving finished on the 1st weekend of March" he explained.

Despite their slow start the Pigeons have managed to field a competitive team for their round 1 clash against the Drunk Monkeys at their home ground "The Graveyard"

1 Shaun Foley
2 Jason Moodie
3 Shane Rigon
4 Keith Lulia
5 Adrian Purtell
6 Sione Faumuina
7 James Aubusson
8 Ruben Wiki
9 Tony Caine
10 Steve Price (c)
11 Luke Swain
12 Corey Parker
13 Bronson Harrison

14 Cameron Phelps
15 Josh Graham
16 Glen Turner
17 Michael Luck

Coach Homer J explains his tactics for round 1 as follows "we will have three forward hitups, followed by another 2 forward hitups and then kick the bejeesus out of the ball". "If we repeat that about 50 times we should go close to winning"

With Kane Cleal, Sam Rapira, Charlie Tonga, Michael Henderson & Stuart Webb left out of the team for the season opener coach Homer J has a wealth of Forward backups available for the season. "look i'm pretty happy with my squad" he said "but if somebody wanted to trade me a couple of backs for a few of my forwards well I would pay them the courtesy of listening". The Pigeons are believed to have about 1.9 million of their 4 million salary cap available for further recruitment.


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Ryan's team round one. Very much like The South Sydney Rabbits of years past, we may have to hope for a few miracles. Ryan has named a relatively full strength squad, but needs his players to lift to a level un seen before. Ryan would have to be morals for the wooden spoon according to most, but Ryan has faith in his boys to at least make the finals.

1. Richard Mathers (Unavailable)
2. Colin Best
3. Todd Polglase
4. Germaine Paulson (Unselected)
5. Michael Crockett
6. Dallas McIlwain
7. Brett Seymour
13. Craig Fitzgibbon (c)
12. Manase Manuokafoa
11. Matthew Cross
10. Aaron Cannings
9. Mark Minichiello
8. Dane Tilse

14. Ben Rogers
15. David Seage
16. Daniel Irvine
17. Scott Geddes

Ryan's team's only hope is that his opposition has Jason King playing which may earn me some gone missing points !!!


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Coach Mel Gibson had to be let go earlier this week due to strong protestations from major sponsor, the Weinstein Co.

The Reapers side for round one has been confirmed by new coach Bender B. Rodriguez, the rookie coach has some doubters, but team owners are a fan of his in-your-face style and hope it will rub off on the players. He brings a wealth of experience (not necessarily league experience) in his support staff.

After naming the side, Bender only had one thing to say "I love this team and the role I have taken on, I've got wealth, fame, and access to the depths of sleaze that those things bring".

1. Matthew Bowen
2. Matt Geyer
3. Dean Collis
4. Paul Whatuira
5. Sam Perrett
6. Darren Lockyer (c)
7. Andrew Johns (gk)
13. John Sutton
12. Ian Hindmarsh
11. Lance Thompson
10. Matthew Scott
9. Terrence Seu Seu
8. Brad Thorn

14. Ben Roberts
15. Kurt Gidley
16. Rod Jensen
17. PJ Marsh
"It was like Tonto coming along to save Butch Cassidy " were the words used by coach Homer J of the Runnersup Pigeons to describe the last minute boost to his 2007 squad.

"I am not at liberty to divulge the name of the benefactor" he added but be sure that a case of Runnersup's finest is on the way to Melbourne.

When quizzed about some of the negative press regarding his late start in recruiting his squad he retorted "My critics claim I talk outta my arse , well I can assure them that in order to upgrade my squad it was used for an entirly different purpose."

The upgraded squad reads

1 Shaun Foley
2 Jason Moodie
3 Ben Smith
4 Nigel Vagana
5 Lelea Paea
6 Sione Faumuina
7 Joe Williams
8 Ruben Wiki
9 Tony Caine
10 Steve Price (c)
11 Luke Swain
12 Michael Luck
13 Luke Bailey

14 Keith Lulia
15 James Aubusson
16 Shane Rigon
17 Bronson Harrison

Other squad members are

Glen Turner
Stuart Webb
Sam Rapira
Adrian Purtell
Michael Hodgson
AAron Groom
Josh Graham
Michael Bani

When asked about the prospects of future changes to his team coach Homer J revealed "look i'm fairly happy now but will probably look at strengthening my 1, 6, 7 & 9 over the coming weeks, not that these positions are that important in the game these days"

Asked about the ability of his fullback he replied "well he's really only there because I have nobody else but don't print that."


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Mzilikazi Assegais:

1. Luke Patten
2. Hazem El Masri
3. Josh Morris
4. Luke Rooney
5. Shannon Hegarty
6. Jason Smith (c)
7. Josh Lewis
13. Liam Fulton
12. Luke O'Donnell
11. Michael Crocker
10. Luke Douglas
9. Luke Priddis
8. Nate Myles

14. David Peachey
15. Nathan Fien
16. Trent Waterhouse
17. Peter Cusack

Goalkicker Hazem El Masri


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Results day today gentlemen. I think I'm going down unless my forwards score a welter of forward tries!


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This is my other VRL squad:-

01. Anthony Minichiello
02. Luke Lewis
03. Iosia Soliola
04. Steve Matai
05. Daryl Millard
06. Benji Marshall
07. Scott Prince
08. Roy Asotasi
09. Robbie Farah
10. Willie Mason
11. Corey Parker
12. Michael Crocker
13. Reni Maitua

14. Simon Mannering
15. Greg Eastwood
17. Brent Kite
16. Ruben Wiki

In case of injury: Simon Woolford
In case of injury Todd Payten
In case of injury Ryan O'Hara
In case of injury Craig Frawley
Incase of injury Ben Creagh


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so when do they do the scores?

Ash Graham started me off well but im not sure i progressed any further

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