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Journey Man
I wonder how many times in his career that Fletcher has been called:

"A white ****"
"A stupid ****"
A "fat ****"
A dumb ****"
Unfortunatly you are probably right - go to a non english speaking area and learn white c*** in that language and hear how many times it is spoken against you.

It still doesnt warrent Fletcher saying anything though but you make a good point
Id probably last 1 hit from Kylie and be unable to speak for the rest of the match.
For a usual intelligent user like Matabele to attempt to defend Fletcher by trotting out the white whatever comments is ludicrous.

The use of the word "black" in these contexts has no correalation to using the word white. The use of the word "black" in the context used by Fletcher is derogratory, you simply cannot compare it with these examples.

20 years ago the use of the word "nigger" was not considered improper. Today this word is only ever used in an offensive manner. Hopefully the use of the word black will follow in the same manner.

Shame Matebele, shame.
You should get out a bit more Pete, that word which you speak of (which I will not use) is far more in popular usage now than ever before, you have to be kidding if you think it has not been desensitised by overuse in popular culture, similar to the "F" word losing much of its shock value.

I do not condone its use personally but am not naive enough to think it isnt used and how much it is used............. wake up and smell the roses.
It was an Aboriginal day at Parra and he virtually ruined the day with a moment of madness. He deserved what he got.

His souths club also has many Aboriginal supporters. Most foolish act ever.
I love "BLACK" cars.

God im a ****ing racist prick.

Corso, I have been called names on a football field at a local club because I have white skin. Do not try to tell me that a player of the stature of Fletch hasn't once or twice been given a racial slur. It works both ways mate.
As a white person in a small country town we get called "Gubbas" and believe me it's not a term of affection.
I'm not condoning what Fletcher did in the slightest but Mata does have a point.
I have plenty of aboriginal mates and would never say something like that myself BUT I have been called a white **** plenty of times as have all my family- parents, brothers and little sisters and in no way are we the lone soldiers.
I do not take offence to this but there are people that do.
BTW it happens frequently in footy games out here but only people being called a white **** and gubba usually (I dare say no one would be game to say black *****.)
As I said I am in no way condoning what Fletcher did it is just that his remorse is obvious and for 'holey joes' to bark on about this as though he is the lone soldier and it doesn't come back the other way- you are kidding yourselves.
who cares if its used a lot out there.does that make it right,whether it be white c or black c from iether is a cowardly sledge by white or black aussies.we particularly dont need it used by the captain of a club with long and meaningful ties to indiginous australians and in reference to a model player who has won awards for his community service.

on the flip side i think fletcher has handled himself admirably in the aftermath and i respect him for that.the punishment was warranted,he accepted it and lets hope it doesnt happen again as it is a blight on the game that has all but been eradicated.
I think it was poor full stop- as I said I have never used it and it pisses me off when people do. Yes I think Fletcher has handled himself well as well.
Not once did I say that it wasn't poor form!
I was simply pointing out that the reverse does happen.
We need to work towards it not happening in society in general but by no means will it happen over night.
I'm guessing that Fletcher isn't racist in the slightest but said it in the heat of the battle- something which is happening less and less today but still does happen.
I'm sorry if it came across that I advoctaing this sort of behaviour but looking through my last post I really don't know how the hell any one could reach that conclusion anyway.
I am all for working towards aboriginal rights and looking at the many problems which the aboriginal people have to deal with (be it health/ education etc.) BUT it does piss me off when people who know nothing about a situation apart from what they read in the papers and see on the TV like to pass the expert judgement on a situation.
Are you an expert PJ? :)

We all know there are NO experts amongst us. :) (except for Matabele :) )
True Byso - no experts here ...but I would say I have a fair bit of hands on experience with the situation.
I tutor aboriginal kids, have played football most of my life with a mainly aboriginal team, I do a bit of work for the aboriginal foundation, my family run one of the local hotels and a couple of my best mates are aboriginal- that should cover a bit!
While I don't think anyone can be an expert on a situation, I do think it is a bit easier to look at it when you are actually in the middle of things instead of looking in from afar.
My point was more that it's something said in the heat of battle. When you've busted a gut for seventy minutes, you can barely breathe and something happens that rattles you, there is sometimes little control over the tongue. Does anyone agree with that or is it just me?

So I'm not condoning what he said. However, if the reverse had happened I think Widders would have been slapped on the wrist but would not have been strung up and pussy whipped as we saw with Fletcher.

My point is the lack of consistency.

Not wanting to boast credentials but am currently nominating to be a facilitator in a NSW Aboriginal Youth Leadership project that encourages and promotes entrepreneurship.
I probably sound like a know it all but that's not the case. I just wanted to show that I do have a bit to do with things of this manner.

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