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It is over and won - followed the game on the net.

Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Seattle Seahawks 10 in a tight and very tactical battle.

Yoo Hoo Steelers!!!!! :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


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Does that mean its another year until i have to be bothered about this boring attempt at sport?


I was watching it in St Kilda this morning at some American Pizza bar full of a bit pissed but still couldn't get into the game....atleast the Yanks were mainly hot female office workers....

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A Keith Richards "wardrobe malfunction" wouldn't be something for the faint hearted.


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Just arrived home from a 14 hour SuperBowl day/nighter.We watched the gameat Fox Sports Central at Fox Studios then ventured on to The Capt Cook Hotel , Columbian Hotel. Not looking forward to work on Tuesday , I'll be on light duties . " GO STEELERS "

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Mick jaggers response into a question from a journo was a classic - Is playing at half time in a superbowl something you always wanted to do?

His reply - NO

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Seven points for a touchdown and extra point. The last TD was scored in the fourth quarter and up till then it had been very close with Seattle probably the better team in the first half - but not getting points when in position to do so. They had a couple disallowed. The losers gained more territory and yards, had more possession but didn't make the big plays that counted.


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I was having a good chuckle yesterday as i heard more about the stone playing at hlaftime in the news than who won let alone what the score was. Shows how little the game means


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Ahh... that makes sense, then.

I'm glad you liked the game but I was more pissed that the Simpsons was cancelled so that they could show it...


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1. Who cares about the Rolling Stones? I don't. As an aging boomer I wish these old bands would stay under their rocks. Detroit? Let me see, has anyone heard of the home of Motown? Crap.
2. I had my money on the wrong team so was one-eyed but I can categorically say that was the worst Super Bowl I have ever seen and I watch them every year. The decisions were bordering on total farce, and possibly an inquiry into bribes to officials should be held. Both quarterbacks failed to achieve anything of note and the best play of the game didn't come from either of them. Three cheers for the Steelers - I just love watching an entire 4th quarter, which can be very exciting, where the team just hands the ball off to a runner and then sits down. Absolutely pathetic and about 2/10.


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MB: funny you should mention the officials. One of the coaches (I missed who but am assuming he was the Seattle coach) was quoted this morning as saying something along the lines of:

"We were ready to play against the Steelers but we didn't train to play against the guys in black and white stripes, too!"


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Lucky it is your birthday week CW :p

To be fair to the Steelers the 75 yard run by Parker was fantastic to watch and the play from Randle El was a game breaker and brilliant. Take those two out of the game and it was almost a nothing. Keep grinning champ!

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That's like saying if you take the 10 tries the Sharks scored in the game last year Manly would have won.

The team that converts its opportunities wins and the team that has the possession and territory and doesn't score loses.

Big plays win!!! Derrrrr! :lol:


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Those words are going to come back to haunt you, I promise! Very deep analysis by someone who couldn't even watch the game. 4 quarters of a grossly inept chess game by players and officials is closer to the mark. zzzzzzzzzz

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