Updates from Wheel - Q & A session


Journey Man
5:30pm Travis Burns was picking up glasses in the Leagues Club.

6:30pm - Announced that Crusher is meeting with Orford right now.

7:15pm - Des has been in a meeting with Orford and is on his way to the Q & A session now.

I wonder if anything will be announced. Wheel will text me the minute he finds anything out.


UFO Hunter
I am almost at breaking point. Can someone please give the go ahead for the "special" smiley? PLEASE!


UFO Hunter
Thats rubbish. I rate Webke's tackle a lot and I mean A LOT worse than Simons and IMO a clean record WILL NOT stop you from breaking a persons neck. The judiciary system is a rort and the best thing for the league right now is the pass the club agendas and get CEO's off the NRL board.


Journey Man

Has a good discussion on why Woolford copped what he did.


UFO Hunter


You will pay tommorrow for lack of info wheel, you will pay! :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:


Journey Man
Just received one from him that said nothing. He must know how jumpy we are and is toying with us.


Journey Man
Wheel reports.

No announcement as yet But............

He overheard a phonecall that seems to indicate

WE HAVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


Kim Jong Dan
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ok...all systems go for the smiley guys..... break that bad boy out

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :clap:


UFO Hunter
Me too jamesie. I dont think my liver can take another pounding like tonights if he really signs tommorrow!!!!


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fLip, I'm on my fifth can myself with a couple more to come before I head off tonight. FFS I hope we hear something more official than Gibbsy, tonight.



UFO Hunter
Cummings apparently just said he is very confident but wont know until tommorrow morning.

Its to late to make a media release that will stir up the masses of RL, so tommorrow morning will be the announcement. I am 100% sure he has signed, otherwise the normally tight lipped manly wouldn't have commented at all!


Journey Man
Wheel has just rung me to report on Orford.

Nothing was announced but he is very sure he overheard Kerry Sibraa saying into his mobile phone - we signed him.

Make of that what you will........


Winging it
Eat your heart out Sherlock :dance:
:drunk: :drunk: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
The only down side is that we don't get to enjoy coldies at Clon's expense.


Journey Man
I think we would all give up a free beer to have more quality.

Im very keen to hear wheels p[roper report on the night

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