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Winging it
It was just one of those special days. When every single player stood up to be counted and the Brookvale faithful were more than ecstatic. In a really hard fought match the Eagles emerged on top of the ladder and will stay there for two weeks. Then the exodus back to the Leagues Club for a celebratory drink.

I was there in 1996 after the Grand Final and that was the feeling and emotion witnessed this evening. A sea of maroon and white filled the club and friendships renewed as we all knew that finally were are back and a genuine force in this year’s competition.

I bumped into Byso at the ground and he showed me his great new camera. He has more lenses than a dozen cats in his camera bag and we got together at the club. First up I got to meet Daniel and Vix who were riding high on today’s events along with Ryan who was crazy with happiness but more than a bit sick from a bug passed along by his son. Fluffy was there somewhere in the throng but we just didn’t get a chance to meet – so next time let me buy you a coldie.

Byso and I got to chat with Max Delmege and let me tell you he was more than thrilled. Commitment and effort by all at Manly are finally paying dividends. He said that Hoppa’s boys would definitely be seen in the maroon & white in future years. He said that the field goal was the clincher, when we all knew that the game was ours and the premiership lead no matter what the Storm did. He admitted that at that point he had tears and I can understand that. Just magical!

Byso and I headed down to the main table area where the presentations are held. Byso headed off to take more photos and I managed to talk with Philip Dean who was obviously pleased with the day. I don’t think he was thrilled to discover that he was talking with ManlyBacker but we had a good long conversation and he outlined a bit of the work he is doing, which fits with his ME post on Friday. He did admit that ME is not going to see facelift until November due to the current contract that they are tied in with and the budget that is set, however they are already well advanced on a number of upgrades for the site that will be put in place at that time. He emphasised that looking forward was the theme he is trying to impart and it sounds a good one to me.

The presentations were full of cheers as firstly Max spoke, then Paul Cummings and Monaghan. Watmough was given the players award from the game and voices from the assembled mass just got louder and louder. On a side note I spoke to Duck and advised him he had been my NRL virtual comp Captain for the last two weeks. He seemed to understand that he had cost me valuable points but agreed I should stick with him as he is bound to put on a treble shortly. !dance:

I have had a few coldies and intend to have a few more. The $2.60 I got on Manly from the bookies will see the family fed for another week and Randwick on Saturday, despite being very cold, was an all round good day. So I will head off and say that everyone at the club knows how great we all feel and that for the time being we should see nothing but headlines of praise. Cheers!!!!


UFO Hunter
Good stuff MB, have a coldie for me. Wish I were their. Watmough played his heart out, bloody brilliant!


Kim Jong Dan
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Journey Man
My two eldest boys watched with me and for the last five minutes jumped around the clubhouse, from couch to table and back yelling:

"Go Eagles, Go Manly, tackle, tackle, tackle".

It's so good for them to see a winning team and on the way home they visitied all their Dragon and Eels supporting mates and gave them HELL!!!!!!!!!


Kim Jong Dan
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go you mini eagles I yelled it from the car all the way home as much as vicky hated me doing so.

We went to play pool afterwards at minsky's(hello bridgette). And the news was on i ran around revving everyone up

go you friggin eagles I am so bloody stoked (and pissed, time to crack the top shelf scotch me thinks)


Journey Man
I was at the club but missed the presentations because someone said they were on at 6:30

My brother came up with the best/worst call of the night. Standing in front of Zorba, Hasler and next to BK he said lets go downstairs and find the players. I had a brief word to BK and he was feeling good but glad to have the buy so he can get over the niggle.

After that we went to maccas and invented the McPickle - replace the paddy with pickles, then back to the club to watch Manly beat Melbourne on the big screen. Awsome second time around.


Kim Jong Dan
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yup natalie and her mum came down and fluffy sat up on the hill with his brother and freinds. THen vicky came and we had to all squash up.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
It was a good day for all - all in my car from Katoomba and back thought it was well worth it. One of the kids with us was a Newcastle supporter but bought a Manly flag and now is a confirmed Sea Eagle.

My own kids thought it was sensational - the support on the hill was great and the atmosphere was brilliant.

My favourited moment was the ref blowing the whistle to confirm Mona's field goal - there was a ripple of joy as it dawned that we were going to win and be on top of the comp for a couple of weeks.


Kim Jong Dan
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yup as soon as I saw that ball go over I jumped up, vicky went flying and ryan, my dad and i were jumping around like absolute maniacs the crowd went friggin wild.

the 10-9-8-7... count down was awesome too

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