Un banned!



Does this mean that you will now be the leader of MSE as well as ST?

They obviously didn't realise that everyone was reinstated so how long do you think it will be before they are aware of their mistake and ban you again?

Maybe we should make a book out of it. I reckon that you will be banned again after your first post on MSE (that's if you could be bothered posting there again)?


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im willing to bet that if you post on there as matabele and blow sunchine up BK's ass that you will still cop crap.


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Why don't you give them a piece on why its good that BK is skipper while reminding them why Monas isn't :)


Your post on MSE has received some real intelligent comments so far.

The one starting with "Oh great Matabele" must be your favourite so far.


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They can keep going as far as I'm concerned.

It shows up several things:

1. Their lack of intellect.
2. The tendency to play the man and not the ball.

When that post was made here it sparked a lively and intelligent debate. Over there it quickly develops into petty name calling with no debate of the issue at all.

It just proves what we've been saying the last few days.


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I suspect your reputation will preceed many of your comments. For whatever the reason your posts tend to attract controversy and when the name Matabele appears as the author, human nature takes over. You of course have your self proclaimed disciples and they will read your ramblings half knowing what will next be written and generally will be in total agreement with your opinion.

When you buy a novel based on the author, or read a column by Phil Gould or Rebecca Wilson most people (or certainly I) will already (to a point) will have already formed a defence against Goulds pro Easts comments or how he invented the football, Wilson's lack of credibility as a serious journalist or if it is a book by a favoured author I will be expecting a certain style of writing.

People tend to accept that if something walks like a duck, looks like a duck & quacks like a duck it probably is a duck., without ever fully investigating. I suspect that when the name Matabele appears then many people expect a duck without fully reading the article. Sometimes there may be a swan there or often just a scraggy water fowl.

Reputations are hard to earn, it is difficult to expect that they should be easily forgotten.


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disciples.....lol you are so a rocker pete!

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