Twent Barrett - Worst coach in history?

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Trent Barrett worst coach in modern history.

  • Yes

    Votes: 69 89.6%
  • No

    Votes: 8 10.4%

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Gutho was a mistake, that I admit. Apparently Tooves had him earmarked for DCE's long term halves partner. Barrett thought otherwise.

Hiku was neither here nor there. A solid centre with no pace. Hmmmmm don't some here have a go at Parker for being that?

Wright was untested, but Barrett the coach wasn't up to the task. Went back to union and TBH I've barely heard a thing about him since.

Hastings ... yeah Barrett screwed up there. He never gave Jackson a fair go IMO.

Hynes ... was that anything to do with Barrett??

Barrett is/was not up to standard as first grade NRL coach, there is enough evidence of that.

That being said... I think Bozo gets a free pass from most on here regarding recruitment and retention issues between 2015 - 17... when as Head of Football it would be reasonable to assume he had at least as much, if not more, input in this area as Barrett


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Not sure he is the worst coach in history but he would have to be the worst coach of two clubs (most of the others listed seemed to be a one club only )

Fibro Eagle

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T Barrett truly ranks up there with being the worst coach in history
His results show that . His recruitment was questionable and the team he assembled didn’t get the results needed
The press gave him credit for Penrith success but how much was it due to him they haven’t gone backwards since he left
He was also responsible for there junior team missing the finals when he coached them then they went on and played finals again
Worst coach yeah nah YEAH


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Yea, right.

Let the following players leave Manly as they were not talented.

Clint Gutherson
Peta Hiku
Tom Wright
Jackson Hastings
Niko Hynes

To name but a few

He signed Lewis Brown and Nate Myles - complete failures

Only thing Barrett has an eye for is flexing in the mirror.
Was Ramien one of those as well?

40 nil

It's only a game ...
Another of the less than great modern day coaches was Alan ('League is a simple game') Jones. He coached 66 games at the Tigers 1991-93 for a 36.4% winning record.


Journey Man
Alan Thomson wasn’t much better at 41% whereas Peter Sharp had 47%, including Northern Eagles, however, his last year at Manly was a shocker, with 17%.

Trent will definitely get a gig as an Assistant Coach somewhere, as he is proven in this role with his attack strategies, and he quite innovative apparently and we saw glimpses of this at Manly. He just doesn’t need to focus on defence, as clearly he has no bloody idea,and nor does he know how to motivate people.

However, I wouldn’t mind him back at Manly to help the attack, as long as he brings his garden furniture with him. 😀😀
Thommo was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Great lower grade coach, inherited a bloated team with more than a few blokes on the wane.

Many of the lower grade blokes came into first grade over the next few years under lowe then bozo mark 2. If thommo was given another year he would have been fine I reckon.


Journey Man
If anyone from The Kennel is reading these pages ... don't say we didn't tell you he was a $hit coach because we did, numerous times.

In fairness to Trent Barrett, while coaching may not be for him he does have a very good eye for spotting rugby league talent. I've always said he would make a much better talent scout than he would a coach.

He can spot talent. He just can't coach it.
Hynes, garner, ramien, verrills cut from manly under Barrett. Probably more. He brought Lewis brown and Waddell. Not a talent spotter.

Edit: Forgot gutho.


Reserve Grader
Tom Wright has only played test rugby for Australia. So, yea unsighted. LOL.
I still remember Wright playing one of his few games against the Dragons and the footwork to stand up several players and score was outstanding.

You fail to mention Wright couldn’t tackle. Still can’t.


Journey Man
In terms of talent spotting he also kept schoupp in reserve grade and kept putting averillo in first grade. So he has no idea.


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Parramatta's Brad Arthur can not believes his luck that the ultimate secret weapon has fallen into his lap. The missing link in his and parra's quest for the holy grail a premiership. The has One eyed eel forum has declared that pretty boy barrett will be joining his coaching team. After his great success at Manly, and Canterbury he will now be the secret weapon to push parra over over the line. with B A great knowledge and perception the drought may be over. If barrett is enough perhaps he can enlist and create the greatest football trinity of all time Brad Arthur, Barrett, and wait for it Anthony Seibold.
also known as dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest. what a formula for success.


Journey Man
Yes to all. Hynes was in Manly’s U20 side in 2015. Not good enuf according to Twent to be signed in 2016.

Tom Wright has only played test rugby for Australia. So, yea unsighted. LOL.
I still remember Wright playing one of his few games against the Dragons and the footwork to stand up several players and score was outstanding.

Please nobody tell me Barrett is a good attack coach. As soon as he left Penrith, their attack improved out of sight and they won the GF.

I don't follow union so if Wright's played for the Wallabies then good luck to him.

I also remember that game against St Merge. At Wollongong IIRC.

I didn't know Hynes was let go by Barrett.

And I do agree that Penrith went to a different level once Barrett left to take up his now old job at the Dogs. I never bought into the hype that he was the brains behind their attack. If he was, then how did he miss so badly with us when he had attacking weapons like Turbo, Snake, Killer and Dylan Walker at his disposal??
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Toovey for NRL CEO
Gus is still saying he's as good as any young coach he has seen, and that he's just been in the wrong place at the wrong time....
He can move on and rebuild. Start coaching under 7's. Then hopefully he will realise you don't have to be best mates with your players and sink schooners with them at the local to be a good coach.


Nor over the fact we gave him his first grade debut and repayed us by quitting mid year meaning six months pay without work.

Sure the contract was dumb asking him to give 12 months notice. But the vibe of it….

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