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What does everyone think about the new TV rights deal? It's about time League got the money it deserves.


Journey Man
It's a fairly impressive result. Seems like a win/win situation for all involved.

A Friday night double header is going to be great for the fans and for exposure whilst giving good advertising returns to Ch 9. Monday night football might be enough to get current non-subscribers like me ober the line for Foxtel.

Might be that last contract of its type. In 6 years time the internet will have a profound effect on the bidding process.


Reserve Grader
The NRL were clever in a few regards. Firstly, to get the deal done before the AFL started negotiations, even though they were off contract first. With the AFL being a 2 horse race between 7/10 consortium and channel 9, if one of these parties were to get the AFL, league would have gotten a rough deal from the lack of competition. This way, Seven were very interested, Channel 10 flirted with the idea and Nine obviously were prepared to pay more than double than they did perviously. This also makes things interesting for the AFL, Channel 9 have their hands tied with League, at least financially. They probably wont make a serious attempt to keep the AFL, meaning the 7/10 consortium can pick it up for chips.

There have been questions asked over the length of the deal, some say 2012 is too long. IMHO, it's a smart move. The NRL is owned effectively by it's broadcasters for the next 8 years. In other words, the NRL have their money, whether league does poorly or not, it's only the broadcasters with something to lose at this point. With seven years under their belt, they will be left with no choice but to make the NRL increasingly prominent in order to cash in on their commitment. This means publicity in the emerging states. This is obviously also very good news for the NRL. Over 8 years, they can build the popularity of the game to new levels.

Another positive over the length is the fact that the Digital recording system hasn't been fully implemented in Australia yet, when it does, it will most likely change commercial TV forever. Being able to skip ads is dangerous ground for FTA networks who make their money from advertising. If adverts aren't being watched, no company will be willing to foot the bill and will obviously make many shows redundant. By locking in the deal for now, the NRL are basically assuring substantial funds through any adverse situation that may arise.


Premium Member
Monday night footall is a two edged sword. Great for everyone except when your own team is involved & you want to attend the game.

Actually going to a Monday night game will be a pain the lower half of the anatomy. It will also, in the main deprive school aged children from attending those games.


Reserve Grader
I suppose if the game starts at 6:30, you can have a child at home, in bed by 9:30. It'd be great for the Storm, considering Monday's would be vacant. They could potentially get a little cult following for their Monday night games.

The thing about Monday night football though, it's a tried and tested timeslot for many codes around the world, there's not too many reasons it shouldn't work, especially if it's promoted in the early stages and given an aura ala Friday night football.


Journey Man
Monday night Football is THE game in America's NFL.

The only problem is turn around times for teams. They couldn't expect them to play a Monday and then back up for a FNF engagement.


Premium Member
Having spent some time in the States I agree that MNF is the most important game of the week and it attracts masssive audiences.

I have no doubt that it will be succesfull here on TV, but I suspect crowds at the ground will be low. You then have the problem of lack of atmosphere at grounds.

I am not against the MNF game, but as a supporter that likes to get to matches, particulary when played at home it will make my life just a little bit more difficult.

In relation to turnaround time Graham Annesley said on ABC radio today that any team involved in MNF will not be involved in FNF.


Journey Man
There might be a couple of clubs (like Melbourne or even the GC) who make MNF something of a niche.

From experience it'd work very well in Townsville too. Places where it's not a great hassle travel wise to get to a game after work will probably pitch for it a bit.


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Cowboy's games apparantly have plenty of people travelling from all over North Queensland, that's why they prefer the Saturday night slot.

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