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Ok boys -pick this one too bits !!
1-STEWART -no brainer
2-ROBBO-good ball skills & finisher
3-LYON-international centre-no brainer
4-BELL-fit & back with vengeance-try scoring machine-no brainer
5-MATAI-To play a Hopoateish role ,in taking the ball up from the middle of the park occasionally..reaking havoc on opposing forwards.
6-BURNS-young & still improving,has heart & could be seen as longstanding clubman.
7-ORFORD-no brainer
8-KING-prove himself worthy by rnd 8,or f@ck off.
9-MONNAS-good defencively & backup kicking with Orford.
10-BRYANT-also needs to step it up another notch..
11-KITE-no brainer.
12-WATMOUGH-we know what he can do ,he just needs to do it.
13-MENZIES-still great in defence & runs up strong-clubman thru & thru.

14-ROSE-runs up hard-hopefully lost more flab this off season.
15-CUTHBO-good backup bench player-still needs to lift though.
16-BALLIN-hopefully gets a chance this season interchanging with Monnas &/or Burns.
17-G STEWART/AFAMASAGA-Stewart is a good replacement player,but thats about all,whilst i am hoping Afamasaga will burst onto the scene as for we desperately need a stronger forward pack..
I am hoping for a little look at Groom sometime in the season ,but also dont want to blood him to early.

So ,what do u think ??,that is a killer backline -worthy of a premiership,but saying that ,i think we need help in our forwards.I hate to say it ,but to win a premiership we really do need to invest some money in a strong /proven seasoned forward ,& also a young new gun forward..

WILLO/DUNLEY/HICKS -GONE............too bad.....showed nothing to inspirational last year,& sooner or later the sheds need to be swept.

Jatz Crackers

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Only 2 issues.

1) Id have Hicks in the #5 with Mattai moving onto bench in a utility role.
2) Plenty say Kite is no 2nd rower and proved that at St George. The pack looks much more intimidating with him there but at this point it is a very big question mark ?


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I think he would play a good hard game in either position,that team i listed is an experimental one ..i do think he will run out prop & rightfully so.its the rest of the forwards i have a real problem with..i was just throwing a few things around !!
ok ,i admit it ,i f@cked up there ,of course he would be prop..

Canteen Worker

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I would play Kite at Prop. We need someone in the backrow to step up. The days of Beaver playing 80 mins are closing and we need not only territory but also the ability to pressure the line with offloads and gap running. Defensively we must hold the ruck (Keep Kite there!) and improve in our power game. I hope that Cuthbo steps up and Ballin gets a long awaited call up.


I'm a big fan of Hicks but history shows us that over the past couple of years at least one of the back five is injured or suspended at any given time, so the back five is really a back six anyway.
Looks good to me, other than I'd put Kite to prop, Cuthbo to 2nd row & Bryant to the bench.


Kite is doing well at prop but I don't think it was such a stupid suggestion to move him to the second row- he performed great in the second row for the Dragons (hence why we bought him). Lets face it- he wouldn't exactly be the first player to play one position for his club and a different one for his State/ Country.
Having said all this I think Kite should be left at prop (for want of a better one) just wanted to point out that robbiea's suggestion wasn't that bad!


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PJ Kite did not perform well at second row for the Dragons. He started to excel when moved to prop, then got a SOO jumper and we chased and got him.

Not even mentioned as a possible rep player when in the 2nd row, think he bounced between a starter and on the bench actually.

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